Are there too many resistances?

I just want to hear everyones thoughts on this topic. Honestly I feel like there is a little to much creatures with resistances they don’t need, a good example is DoT resist on thor or swap prevention resist on like every other creature.What do you think?

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I do agree that some creatures have resistances and immunities they don’t need, and others need ones they don’t have.
A lot of bleeders need Immunity to Deceleration, certain fierce creatures have no need for Resistance to Distraction.
Immunity/resistance to swap-prevention should be on Grypolyth, and probably should not be as common as it is now. Same with Immunity/resistance to Vulnerability.

Thor has no need for DoT resistance.


A lot of creatures have resistance to stun :c

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I agree that some creatures that don’t have any immunities should have some like stygidaryx needs deceleration resistance.

Actually, Stigydaryx often benefits from swapping into Decelerating moves, because the next creature gets a free swap-in after Cleansing Swoop. The other bleeders definitely need it though.


Are you talking about it’s too common or it’s not common enough for vulnerability resistance? There are hardly any creatures that use vulnerability in higher tiers so it’s kinda pointless currently.

Too Common. It makes sense on the fierce creatures, but I don’t think resilients should have it, especially not 100%. And yeah, it doesn’t make much of a difference, but hopefully more creatures will gain vulnerability. Mammolania, Entelolania and Skoonasaurus could all get Vulnerability moves.

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I think some creature with a impact or rampage and run should have swap prevention immunity. And something That i think needs changes is that Erlidominus is 75% resistance to deceleration when it should be an immunity.