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Are These Worth It To Buy For Gems? 1p

Because I Really Need This For Her, As She Is One Of My Toons??? Any Thoughts?

HOPE To Get A Response Before This Offer Expires!!!

I find this to be the most useful way to spend gems.

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Owooo… Thanks @Orloch I Might Just Have to spend me A Gem or two!!! As It Is Going to take me FOREVER To get to 4500 Gems! Thanks For The Input :+1::smiley:

Except when you get complete garbage

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Just bought another one and got epic weapons and armour - much better :slight_smile:

Strangely the 2nd pack had 42 guaranteed epics

(One above only had 33)

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2for1 Legendary packs are THE BEST item to purchase, in fact I dont spend gems UNLESS its a 2for1, and Thief does massive damage, so definitely an excellent purchase, plus its 2 pack, so total 4 legendaries!

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I’d never be able to save my gems to the extent that I could afford legendary packs - I even waste them on converting to 1000 gold when I want to level a character :wink:

Just noticed the first pack did have 42, just 9 of them went into “while you were away” :wink:

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