Are they communists?


Are there options E F G? Cmon :joy:


Options E F G were incredible, super great and we love Ludia.

Annoying and irrelevant aren’t allowed because if you control speech you control thought. That’s not psychological abuse because we are double happy Ludia do this.


I like that they realized they need to be faster and stronger so they added them as options xD


I don’t even hate them. But an official poll ranging from good to awesome should ring alarm bells.


Yeah, indeed people should be more aware of what’s going on. But first allow me hahahaha


Is this poll anywhere other than twitter?


I wanted an option E for a shrug of indifference


I don’t like them


Theyre “ok”… I mean its hard to judge when theyre level 11 and your team is all lvl 20


not that i saw - therefore i could not share my thoughts.

well, my opinions, at least, curated by the choices i was given.