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Are they ever gonna fix the matchmaking?


I’m in lockdown but I’m going up against people who are on the next tier, or at least that’s what their trophies say. I’m getting knocked down so many trophies because I’m getting sweeped by level 18 or 19 legendaries. Is this a common thing?


They will never gonna fix it :slight_smile:

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A level 27? Ouch :frowning:


Well, that sounds fun. Can’t wait till I get there :unamused:


They have no plan on fixing it, that’s their angle. They try to get you so frustrated that you rage buy their extremely over priced junk incubators.


that’s true, the entire game is a p2w sistem, especially the tournaments

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They say they already fixed this:

I simply disagree. 450 trophies are too much in Sorna, let alone in Lockdown… Now if I have a loosing streak I just put aside the phone and start fighting again in two hours, so maybe I can face different opponents.

I prefer wait some minutes to be matched instead of immediately being matched with someone stronger than me.


it will never fixed, cause they want us to buy incubator to cope with the frustration.

When high trophy players are against top player they cannot win. Since they lose they drop to lower trophy arena where we the middle player are.

We against them with their high level dino too and unable to win, we drop to even lower arena.

The Cycle repeat itself where everyone gonna get affected and frustrated.

In order to fixed this kind of stuff the developer decide to tweak all RNG moves, so that sometimes when you are weak you can have critical attack to take down high level opponents, and move up to higher level arena which you are not supposed to. then you gonna get defeated again lower back to even lower arena cause you are not supposed to be in those high level arena at all.

As long as they still making profit out of people who spend on the VIP, they would care less about what the game should be,

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