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Are they only 7 Apex? Won't there be more? :(

Most were left with the desire to see their idols turned into Apex, Spinosauridae Apex, Sauropod (long neck) Apex, pachyderm (mammoth) Apex, Raptor or Apex raptors, (apex turtle? XD)

I think there is enough Apexes for the moment Mortem, Hadro, Cera, Gorgo, Refretem, Haast Maximus and Hydro Boa, 7 Apexes are enough.


7 days in a week

I know it, but I would like to know if it is possible to add more apex

I said it because several users would opt more for a spino apex a than an eagle apex

If we have more apex’s there would be a lot of problems in the arena

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Who made the dog apex :joy: But seriously unique hybrids to make Apex may become a thing

They’re gonna add fusable apexes sooner or later, and the first one will be compsocaulus and para lux hybrid, since those are the only non-superhybrid unique and non-hybrid legendary so far… it would make sense to mix them up into a superhybrid apex, also with para lux spawning once in a blue moon it would be super hard to get it as it should be with apexes


Fuseable Apex’s.

Apexes aren’t hybrids so they shouldn’t become fuseable


Only by now but when more will come either one apex could be removed or they add more on the same day

If there’s gonna be hybrids for two hybrid uniques they’re probably gonna be a new rarity

Hadros = Para Lux + Tenontorex

Change my mind

If they were planned to be hybrids they would have been made hybrids in the first place. Yes you’re right he looks like that. Remember the hybrid tsintaomoloch? He looks like lux gen 2 for me

They’d need to come up with an alternate way to make Apexes, or figure out a way to cycle Apex raids while maintaining the current influx of DNA (i.e. if you alternated Wednesday between Mortem & some other Apex, you’d need to double the DNA rewards). That being said, I wouldn’t mind more, especially if they’re more akin to Refren, Haast, and Hydraboa

If we were to believe that every non-super hybrid creature would eventually get a hybrid which is most likely the case, that would mean CompyC (Compsocaulus) may get a hybrid meaning that there may be a new apex, that will be fuseable, question is, what will be the other parent of this apex.

definitely need a new apex fierce, like an apex spino or counterattacker

How about an apex tournament :upside_down_face:

I am not so sure about this it will make a lot of people get apexes early

I was thinking the same thing,

Maybe the top alliance incubator could reward 75-100 apex dna plus the dinosaur it’s based off of and its hybrid. These tournaments could occur once every couple months with an increase in the rewarded dna than what is obtained in raids to offset how much more inaccessible it is than with raids.

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