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Are Thor, Dio and Draco dead? A look at the Top 100 teams

With two major updates since April, the meta now looks very different compared to my first post back in January. Below are the Top 100 team compositions on June 23rd compared to April:

Draco, Thor, Dio and Magna have continued to fall out of favour and have now almost completely disappeared from the leaderboard. Tryko, once the queen of the area is also increasingly scarce as are Tenrex and Spyx.

In their place are some fresh additions with an improved Skoona alongside the new Scorpius Gen3 and CompyC all featuring regularly. Smilonemys, once considered too weak, has risen like a phoenix and now features on nearly half of teams.

The elephant in the room (aside from me) though, is the apex class and the dominance they have acquired now that their levels have increased. Remarkably, the top 6 is the only place you won’t find the main 3 apexes on the same team. Gorgotrebax is struggling though, with only 6 teams running it, however this may change as levels grow.

Combined with Monolorhino and Grypo, the top 5 appear together in 65% of all teams, meaning there are very spots up for grabs for the other 259 creatures in the game.

However, it’s worth noting that the top 10 dinos back in January accounted for 654 out of the overall 800 creatures on teams. And now, with the apex setting up a permanent camp in teams? Now the top 10 account for 653 of the total 800 creatures. So the variety of creatures is actually similar, albeit with a highly-concentrated top 4.

So, how does the arena feel when compared to April or January? Will new creatures like Scorpius G3 and CompyC see their presence grow further and will any of the existing apex be pushed out as a result?


Really interesting to see these numbers. Thanks for the work you have put into this!

Of course, everybody who plays PvP on a daily base is not really surprised on the result. Still it is great to get the facts to the feelings.

It shows impressively how dominant the Apexes are. And especially crazy is that a creatures is used by 100% of all teams. Not sure if we ever had this. And now this creature is not even at level 30.

It again shows that this game clearly needs some rebalancing.


Now that pains! :frowning:

This proves that Apexes really are limiting diversity more and more.

It also kinda proves how overly powerful resilients are - the one, single cunning apex we have (that is an absolute monster against both fierce and cunning) has such a low presence that it’s been demoted to ‘other’. The only prominent cunnings are part resilient, and the one pure cunning has seen a massive drop in usage.

Also, out of the top 10, 9 (!!!) have a resilient move (shield and/or slow) available.


Even if I were to magically end up in the top 100, there’s just no way I would ever lower myself to use something like magnus. It’s the new rat and its skillset is absolutely atrocious by design.

Playing around with Scorpius 3 now, that’s fun. It’s different, it’s not a one hit kill kinda thing and the game needs more of those.


After 3 years, I just finally the joined the “if you can beat them, join them”. Took me that long to convince myself that it is sadly how Ludia want us to play the game.

YES, now we’re talking. I currently play it in my team (unboosted) and I already love everything about it. And for once, there’s a bleeder that could be playable? Double bonus!


I don’t need to play by Ludia’s rules :slight_smile: I don’t need to be in shores, I don’t need to be a high rank. I’d rather annoy my opponents with something that just won’t die instead of something that is predictable and cheesy.


A huge thank you for the hard work. Well done, and truly interesting.


Now it still is possible to be in the Shores without using Apexes. But of course this is getting harder from week to week as most of the Apexes are still on low level.
So while a non-Apex team already is using its full potential, the Apexes are still getting stronger.

Assume that I might be able to stay in Shores for another 1-2 months, but not longer than that.


I suspect there is more diversity in the top 100 than the next 2000 or so where most all players have maxed teams but can’t run the likes of Skoona/Compy/Scorpius/Acro at team level. So they’re left with the 3 OP apex and 5 of the top 7 easily available uniques shown in your chart. It is very boring.


Dio gone probably because grypolyth (instant death), spyx because its cunning and swap in bait, while tenrex pretty much can easily kill and rarely do another hit on next turn after kill a creature and that isnt good for them.


It’s not just a suspicion… That’s why the top 100 players are having so much fun. If they feel that there’s too many of those 2000 players who are using Mortem, they can slap a fully levelled and boosted Scorpius in their team to take care of that. And it goes for any other dinos they need (Skoona, Compy, etc.) They can easily adapt to any of the players teams who are entering the Shores if they see a trend. Never understood why Ludia thought it was a good idea to let them crush all those players, who sadly as you said, only have their 8 dinos to play with, and just become easy wins for the top players…


Thor is simply overshadowed by Mortem, although I can see some merit in using it given the meta. Dio is also overshadowed but can’t keep up with Mortem and Grypo running rampant. And Rat is just destroyed by Magnus, since it will always 2 tap, usually with no damage to Magnus.

It’s similar story with Max, TenRex, and Magna, albeit most of them are still somewhat viable

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These numbers will make a fine addition to my collection.

In all seriousness though, these numbers are very interesting to me. It’s a bit of a shame to see Dio dropped from most teams, as I do think that it’s a good counter for Lux, so it’s a bit of a shame to see one of the best ways to deal with one of the top Apexes get dropped.

DracoRat… I think this thing’s time has come. It’s endured as the “Crown Jewel” of the meta for multiple updates due to its various swap-ins, but it just… fell away.

Thor just got wildly outclassed by Mortem, and I don’t anyone really disagrees with that. Why run a creature with the same abilities as one that just has better… everything else?

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I am surprised not to see more mammolania. It performs well against ceramagnus and hadros lux and mortem rex if it’s not too fast.


Me too. I love Mlania but clearly it just doesn’t cope well at the top of the leaderboard, presumably due to a poor T1? Maybe it will gain popularity if Scorpius G3, Skoona and CompyC continue to appear on more teams.

For sure, at least for some. I mean, 90%+ usage on Magnus, Hadros and Mortem is kinda ridiculous.


Kinda, but also kinda not in some cases. Dio is pretty much nothing but resilient attacks, and is one that people used to say was at the top of the meta around the time 2.0 dropped, but now it’s sunk quite a bit to what I would say is a balanced usage rate. Clearly something else is going on, and the resilient dominance isn’t entirely universal. I think part of it is the apex resilients just being better, and also the fact that it doesn’t have a group attack to deal with CompC.


I think with Dio, it’s also because of how Grypolyth destroys her with ease. You can even swap in and Grypo will not only win, but probably restore back to near-full health for the next creature. And since Grypo deals with Hadros and Magnus so well, she’s finding herself on more and more teams.

I do think there are some balanced resilient dinos (Brachio is, in my opinion, a strong yet balanced epic), there’s just also a lot that are too much, I think. Especially the partial resilient ones.


Yeah that’s a good point. Dio definitely slipped a lot as the meta shifted around it. That said, the fact that it can slip at all means it probably wasn’t ever too strong.