Are too many resistances causing problems?

Since we’re not allowed to add discussion to existing threads, I suppose I’ll have to start a fresh topic.

Lately, I’ve felt as though there’s a different reason for the arena being toxic, and that’s the unnecessary amount of resistances certain creatures have.

For instance, it seems like whenever I bring out my Grypo, my opponent just breezes through the swap resistance. Grypo may as well not have No Escape with how useless it is now. Or when I try to distract, nearly everything resists it and causes damage anyway. And stun? All the creatures that actually need to be stunned are resistant or immune.

I think that with the next major changes to the moves that Ludia do, they need to take a long hard look at the resistances, and decide - is this necessary? Because at the moment, anything with few to no resistances (hi Dio) are basically useless, and the ‘OP’ dinos all share something in common - unnecessary resistances.


Lol I saw your old post and was just waiting for it to get taken down. It’s a great point though! It seems like they just run through all the resistances like “yeah that could make sense”. When you use an ability, you used to expect it to work unless the opponent was immune to it. Now, you expect abilities to NOT work in most cases :sweat_smile:


Yeah, I’m a member of 5 forums and this is the only one that doesn’t allow that sort of post, so I kinda forgot :sweat_smile:

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I do think too many resistances cause problems, but only in some cases. Just like the grypo vs tower or testa matchup

The problem is less that the OP creatures have unnecessary resistances, and more that they have high or total Resistance to the debuffs meant to counter them.

Cunnings should not have any Resistance to Deceleration
Resilients should not have any Swap Prevention Resistance

And thankfully there isn’t yet a (pure) Fierce with Distraction Resistance.

As for Grypolyth, it’s still useful, but it is annoying that Hadros can still abuse it’s No Escape to not attack and not get hit by the counter. It needs some added bite, like this:

Also, Diorajasaur is still kinda useful. If it survives the Cunning Rampage from a Scorpio, it can off it between the RR and Raking Counter. But it could use maybe 100% Stun resistance only I suppose.

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Maybe change Bracing Shields to Restricting Dig In?

Dig In would make Grypo a little too dangerous with the combination of Ferocious Impact imo.

They need to get rid stun and swap resistant, its just too RNG, make a creature with > 50% of those resistant immune and remove it if its bellow <50%

Well this would just be for Grypolyth, and all I’m saying is that Bracing Shields could be renamed to Restricting Dig In.

For grypo, all I would do is buff hp to 4500, make FD a priority move, give it GREATER Rending Counter, give it GREATER Emergency Heal, 100% stun and decel resist

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I wouldn’t mind these, but 100% decel immunity is kinda useless. Like that really only works in lower rarities where you can see creatures that can decel and are at low speeds, but with 106 speed, you aren’t out speeding much, and that resistance would kinda ruin most tank builds, given now it wouldn’t be a bad idea to jack up the speed now. So no on that. But I wouldn’t mind everything else expect maybe GEH. They did change that for a reason.

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I mean, could give it an edge(not needed) against dio

Dio applies vulnerability now

True. and also, slap some vulner resist on grypo

Or just Vulnerability Immunity instead of Decel Immunity

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10 char

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