Are we ever going to get another shot at blue?


I seriously need like 10 DNA, but none of the incubators I’ve bought had her DNA in them. :frowning: she’s the only one in missing, and honestly having euphowhatever as the dino of the day is garbage. I’ve got one and don’t even want it. Please, all I’m asking, and many other player’s are asking the same, please, just one more shot at obtaining her. Thanks for the fantastic work, guys and gals.


I blew it. I was about 10 DNA away as well, but I also didn’t realize that I only got three attempts, so I wasn’t being quite as meticulous as I should’ve been, seeing that there were roughly 6 Blue spawns visible in the park.


I’m 4 away from her. Please can we have another shot.


Hey :joy:

I’ll have you know this is my go to first Dino. Takes a lot to wipe it out. Get out there and level up :blush:


Some peeps just want all bite and no hide.


I’m furious that I didn’t get any of them. The whole 3 chances thing is nonsense. Especially considering many of us put money into the game. The lack of response from anyone is also obnoxious. I’d hate to have to stop playing. But if I have to go back to Pokémon go then I will


I hope to God they just remove all the raptors.


I have all the others Charlie delta echo and I missed out on blue! I want another go a getting her


Give somebody an inch and they’ll take a mile. Before the event, no one complained, and now suddenly 3 attempts isn’t enough. Seriously, I’m sorry that you didn’t manage to get Blue, but I think that 3 attempts per Epic are more than fair. What we need is Blue to spawn in the wild like other epics, but 10 attempts at an epic in the event would simply void the rarity and value of it being an epic at all.


You have hit the nail on the head
If everyone has the best dinosaurs
It would be stupid


I didn’t go to the park the day the Baryonyx was up and every time I encounter it, it destroys whatever I’m playing. I know it’s coming back on Saturday I just mean… it’s my fault I don’t have it so I just need to get on with it.


I also didn’t get Blue. I got all other raptors though
My opinion is that they wouldn’t give just one shot at those. Otherwise those raptors would be useless (at level 6 or 7) Blue would be lv 11 but competitive just in early game vs others on that level
My point is: Ludia will provide some other way to obtain those raptors DNA. They wouldn’t just release some Dino to stay on such a low level
We just need to be patient.


Baryonyx is a powerful but dangerous tool. Ready to crush grants her next hit to be devastating, but in exchange it gives the opponent a free hit. And her health is not that big. Take the advantage of the free hit to kill her before she even does damage to you, and if you fail to one shot her, your next dinosaur HAS to be a fast one to never give her the chance to strike again (for instance, finish her off with velociraptor)


That’s what I mean. Why isn’t she spawning like the trex did. They also said on Twitter we could get their incubators. So we’re a little confused here


But, Blue was a one-time event (supposedly). For some of the players new to JW Alive, 3 attempts to get 150 DNA from an epic is a LOT. For the other dino events, I can see where youre coming from, because those events usually happen more than once (T-rex for example).


Nah, she is not One-Time only. And she’s included in a lot of normal Incubators, even 12h/24h from Arena.


Seeing as trex and pyroraptor is going for two days I suspect just like blue, delta, Charlie & Echo it will come again with 3 attempts


Oh really? I had no idea…