Are we getting a new match?!

Do you think it’s a seasonal one?

That tagline is SO ironic. :joy:
I’d love to ‘get that happy ending’, but Ludia keeps adding new matches instead of finishing old ones. :roll_eyes:


Probably a spring thing.

Dont really want new “males” though. Would like them to finish some OGs or show the females much more love.


Honestly, I’m just frustrated that they keep adding characters to the current rotation but don’t release updates more often. I have to wait at least two weeks to get two (!) chats with a match I’m interested in. It’s pretty hard to keep up with a story at this rate and I feel like my interest is just dying down :pensive:


Sooo, Ludia. I am honestly not surprised the new seasonal match is not female. There have been a total of 2 female seasonal matches, one of which was potentially axed. The total female updates this month have been 1 (not counting Elizabeth or Fei because they are part of a m/f counterpart). My question is will there be female updates and new seasonal/general female matches in the future?

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When I saw that I’n like no thanks please give the females more attention


I honestly wish we could get stories for some of the unmatchables. Ash Evans profile picture screams drama and I want allllll the drama.

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Has anyone been able to match with the new one? I haven’t seen the profile as an option yet.

Also, that St. Patrick message didn’t have a link. Was there supposed to be one? Thank you.

Probably not. We’ve been pleading for that for a while. Just like we plead for more female characters

It’s not cool! How about updating existing matches or maybe make someone of the old ones available (like Ash Evans )… We want happy endings!


I’m dying to match with him

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Of the old unavailable characters they need to release Skye, Pamela and Kelsey

If it is a new match, I haven’t come across it yet

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I finally got the option to match with him today!