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Are we getting a teaser today?

If the patch notes are to be released this Friday, does that mean if it’s a bigger update we’ll be getting a teaser today, just curious!

Are the patch notes to be released on Friday? How do you know?

Notes will happen when they happen. Better to have them get it right, then release early and have 10 times the bugs.


If I’m not mistaken the last time there was a teaser was update 2.1 teasing the sloth. Every update since has just dropped without warning.

I’m going to say within the next 3 weeks, in time for the Anniversary and Camp Cretaceous season 3.

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I don’t think so. I don’t feel like it has been long enough for an update to come out.

It’s only been 4 weeks and 5 days since the last patch notes. These days they have a 6 week iteration, but it could be longer, as happened many times before.

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maybe i can actually get my dex completed before the update finally. :grin: only 80 more skoona to go.


Probably not. Only major updates got teasers. The only small update i remember that had a teaser was the mammoth update

Release notes:

2.6 - 19 March
2.5 - 19 Feb
2.4 - 15 Jan
2.3 - 27 Nov

The last 3 updates have come out a month a part, so this Friday matches the trend since 2.4.

Very possible release notes come this week.

Yup,somehow,i depend on ludia’s hollidays which occur ofently the end of the years.

It’s possibru.
Hope they take a bit longer this time. Time for performance improvements and other well needed bug fixes. For me patch notes can’t come late enough! (though not tooooo late)

I would rather they wait and get it right - bug-free and some type of solution to fix the SIA mess in arena. If they don’t fix SIA with counters or rebalanced swappers, I have a feeling they’ll lose a significant amount of the player base (myself included).

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You think if they waited they’d get it right? That’s called dream land.

The reality is the longer the gap between updates the more bugs they’ll introduce every time they touch the game.

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And we shouldn’t accept that… But what can we do…?

i think this is a much bigger update and that they only released smaller ones to make it seem like they were doing something when they were mostly working on this one which is why it would be released earlier. theyve working on stats or something for a while