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Are we getting stun after magnus swaps in?

Once Ceramagnus swaps in the chance of stunning opponent dino is 66% but to me its like 0% and I never get a stun.
just wanted to check if this is just a RNG thing or other also experiencing the same?

The stun effect does work. I’ve had it land several times.


Well, don’t forget that Maxima, Gemini, Hadros, Magna, Erli, Monolorhino, Monolometron, Mammolania have 100% resistance, while Grypo and Mortem have 75% resistance, and Spyx and Tenon have 66% resistance, so basically, pretty much anything that is typically at the receiving end has a very good chance of not being stunt. What’s left? Thor, Tryko and maybe Quetz?

sure, i meant the only ones which dont have any stun resistance

You have to keep track of it somehow because when something has such small odds of hapening, we all get biased and feel it’s not. Basically, you have pretty much only 1 chance out of 5 to fight a dino without stunt resistance and 50% chance to have your Magnus in your team when that happen (and sure enough swapping has to be a decent option, you won’t switch if you kill the opponent dino with your actual dino anyway). And then 66% chances to land a stunt if those two condition meet. So overall, chances are very very slim when you add all that up. Only way to not be bias is to track this when it happen, otherwise sure enough, you’ll have the bias feeling that it’s never happening, since it will happen so rarely. But the thing is: You don’t use Magnus for it’s stunt. If with so small odds you get one, great for you, but you use it for the damage alone. Stunting is only a very small odd bonus.

Thanks for the reply, most of the times I guess pretty much all the time when I swapped in, the opponent didn’t get stunned, I just wanted to see if others are getting the stun or it’s just a rng thing for me…
As I said before I am talking abt dinos only with no stun resistance.
Looks like it’s only a RNG thing for me.

I was just thinking about that… i use it against tryko and dio and so many times it doesnt stun them…