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Are we gonna lose this reward?


It is really bad we gonna lose this card if it was S DNA we could try harder to get the card and we had more time to finish it

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It is what it is. When my Evolutions take 8-10 tries to go through, at 4-to-24 hours a piece, hey, I did what I could. At least we get some DNA.


It’s even worse when the reason this was not completed is the issues on ludia’s side with folks not being able to access the game. I have never seen a community award not reached when the game is functioning as normal.


There we two or three occasion in my memory when the community did not reach the goal. But you are right, if a lot of folks were locked away from the game.

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@Sionsith ue atleast if we had more time it would be great


We lost today, kid. But that doesn’t mean we have to like it.



Duh…i was hopping they increase the time


Yeah that would have been nice, they increased it last time they had a world event and there was a large issue at the same time.


Yeah, because it’s computer generated completion anyway, not actual count of dinos evolved. :upside_down_face::snake::dragon_face:


Do you know this as a fact?

If so is it based off how many folks are playing the game over that time period?


I don’t have concrete solid proof.

But I do recall, some months back, there was one with progress at 60-70% completion with about 12 hours to go, then all of a sudden, 2 more days were tagged on, and eventually it completed, of course.

Because all previous such missions were completed, everyone sort of assumed it always would.

As to number of players, pick an average number of fusions per player to derive number of players necessary.

I don’t believe there’re that many real players.

Bots included, maybe.


Very conservative assumption would be: Three evolved dinos per player in 3 days. Don’t you think there are 1.3 million players worldwide? From my point of view under normal circumstances this challenge was a piece of cake…is this correct for easy? I didn’t count them exactly but I think that i evolved at least 10 dinos while the challenge was active.

Never thought it could be computer generated, but by looking at the counter, it is counting too regular, almost like a clock. I would suppose that it counts slower when all the folks in US go to sleep, but that never happened.


Tommi, when even fights and battles are robotized, I’m skeptical.

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It’s possible. The only thing I noticed in the past was that you get no reward if you don’t participate in the challenge.


True. I just think everything in this game is simulated. Whenever you begin a tournament, they already have ‘players’ fill up all the positions from #1 in dominator all the way to you at #100 in hatchling. Those cannot possibly be real, actual people now, can they?
On evolving, I just thought, those level 1158 triceratops and level 7789 nundasuchuses, they need a ton of turns in the creation lab to ‘attain’ their super-dino powers. Almost forgot about ‘them.’ So, yeah, it must be ‘actual’ count after all.


That’s all true, but this is neither good nor bad.
In the end it doesn’t matter if fights or challenges are real or simulated as long as the game is fun.


Ja. Creation lab projects, I evolve at least one to qualify, then evolve more only if I need to. This part, there is no fun or not. Battles and tournament or collecting different dinos, I’d agree. After a period of time getting used to restricted tournaments and accumulating more strong dinos, I see it as improvement.

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