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Are we losing our local epic spawns to baryonyx?


Everyone sees Bary so often - I know i do and some others. However i have seen a big drop in local epic spawns and trex spawns. I still see them but i see bary the most. Is it weighted for bary or is it just coincidence. If it is weighted does that mean when an epic spawns we will most likely see bary? I have 5.3k of him and i can see him 2 to 5 times a day


I’ve seen one Baryonyx in the last couple months. I have noticed a distinct lack of T Rex though in that same time.

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I don’t understand how everyone is sick of bary. I NEVER see him/her. NEVER!


I haven‘t seen a Baryonyx since almost two weeks.


Saw maybe 3-5 Barys in a month and still needs a lot of its DNA for leveling up Tryo.


Who’s Bary?

I’ve seen maybe 5 in the last 6 months. All my Bary DNA comes from incubators, if I’m lucky.


yes, we are…
im at 20k dna now and stopped darting it, 3/5 epics are baryo now, especially at night.


Im almost at 6k bary now, its getting ridiculous.

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Yes there has been a winter ‘migration’ T-Rex no longer lives here in any great number, it’s Baryonyx’s turn. Maybe T-Rexes will come back after the summer migration!

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My baryonyx supply is about to overtake secondonto at 6k. I had around 1,000 prior to the update. It is really getting ridiculous. To those that say they never see them, what do you see?

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based on the forum, i’d say the most epic spawn these days is conformation bias.


I drove around yesterday evening for about an hour and saw one raja, two trex, and three bary.


Im darting avarage 1-1,5 barys a day, even without leeving the house. I live in local 3 and i see 1 erliko in 1 or 2 weeks time. So i have to agree
Not complaining about the barys, but i had the same feeling about the local spawns


before 1.5 my bary was lvl 11 with no chance of lvling up. now i have a beautiful lvl 20 tryo. im happy with this

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Saw today 3 Trexes, 1 Ankylo and Kentro, but all out of reach (I was passenger). So Trex is out there. Baryonix is more common (caught one today), but still rare for me.


im just found it 5 minutes ago in 2 months(except from epic scent):joy::joy::joy:


I think we are. Even when I run epic scents, I typically get two Barry from it instead of the local epic or Trex I’m aiming for. It’s getting annoying. I don’t even go out of my way for Barry anymore, I have 4k of it’s DNA just sitting as it is.


I don 't see Bary much. The only epic I see regularly is Ourano and Secondantosaurus .

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I’m right here.
How am I making you guys lose epic spawns?
It’s not my fault! :roll_eyes:


Here you are… stand still…

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