Are we really in an immune meta

I’ve been asking my self this for about a month but the more I think of it is not that true.

See the way I see we are in a immune meta but we are in a tyrant dominated immune meta
Let me explain:

In the game rn
55 creatures have immunity of some kind wether that be partial or full

There 191 dinos in the game in total as of patch 1.12

Meaning that’s around only 29% of the games dinos being immune it’s not really that much in the grand scheme of things. The reason we think it’s an immune meta is cause the op tier dinos rely on immune to be top tier and what you look at it ya it’s obvious

Out of 12 dinos in tyrant: 2 are non immune
Now that’s an immune meta but once you go down it’s gets a bit less obvious

High apex; out of 16 dinos: 10 are non immune

Mid apex; out of 20 dinos: 14 are non immune

Low apex; out of 14 dinos: 9 are non immune

In Alpha high; out of 25 dinos: 20 are non immune

Finally in Alpha low: out of 27 dinosaurs: 20 are non immune

And this counts both fully and partial immunity

Then you look at the types of immunities:

Full: 21

Distraction: 10

Stuns: 9

DoT: 8

Slow: 6

Swap: 3

Comapre that you the number of creatures with those abilities creatures

Distracting creatures 55 : 10 immune to distraction

Creatures with stun 33 : 9 immune to stun

Creatures with slow/decel/superiority/bellow 71 : 6 immune to slow/decel/superiority/bellow

Creatures with DoT moves 21 : 8 immune to DoT

Creatures with pinning moves 35 : 3 immune to swap prevention

Creatures with negativite effects 206: 21 that are fully immune

So are we in a immune meta or are we just seeing people use hybrids with immunity.

  • It’s a full on immune meta
  • It’s people’s fault for the immunes
  • It’s the devs fault for giving so many immunes
  • Neutral

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Also side note I can’t believe this game made me do math ughhh

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Immunities were handed on when they furst reworked evasion… which made it worse so the immunities were put in to offset evasives effectiveness. Then they made evasive good again but left the immunities on.

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Me honestly I have no problem with a few immune creatures; but like some have way to many like nemys now has two, diplo tow and I fell many to follow having two. as for full immune 21 is way to many for comfort maybe 10-8 would be good but 21 full immune that’s ridiculous

That is the point.
10 of the strongest hybrids have immunity.
Sure if you go down the arena you meet less of them, but that doesnt change the fact that immun dinos dominate the ladder.

I dont know if immunity is the most relevant thing on our top tier hybrids (Gemini and maxima also have huge base stats). But for now immunity it is.


Ya that why said it not an immune meta: it’s the tyrant immune meta

It’s the fact that most of not all of these would be good or great without immunity but guess they had to have it

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I don’t think it is an immune meta. It is currently a Boosted meta with a side of precise and definite attacks to stop any threat to them.

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Partial immunity adds more variety to kits and allows us to play more of the dinodex rather than seeing the same 8 over and over again.

Consider partial immunity to be just like any other traditional move … some are more valuable than others and that will make those respective dinos more desirable (and likely more common in the higher arenas).


I was trying to figure how to say it. I think you got it. More partial immunities can help expand the amount of dinos you can choose from.

So let’s say Tenrex got immune to decel… It would become a big counter to maxima. But it also still has many of it’s own counters and would still depend on a crit with gemini because of the higher hp. But funny enough if it goes for instant distract and tenrex does ss that’s a free turn and might kill it. Or if gemini chooses ID while tenrex does dsr than gemini will smash tenrex lol. Plus there are already many dinos who kill tenrex without depending on slowing it.

Idk why they insist on going and adding 2 partials to dinos. When there are some that have 0 and could easily benefit in a balanced way with one immunity.


Can’t agree more on that. Part immunity could be perfectly supplementary to certain dinos, knowing there’s no other suit better than that. You won’t think the T-Rex should have immune to decel over immune to distraction.
Full immunity used to have its purpose. When the game in its early stage where commons still shared a certain potion in everyone’s deck, full immunity fulfilled the role and refined its self value in term of balance.
Wasn’t until superhybrids became so ubiquitous to be run on every team. Once there’s a dino with high HP; high damage; armored; mad crit rates; and the abilities to shatter, granted full immunity, LOL, everyone’s grandma can think on their feet knowing it’s easily a tyrant.
Replacing full immunity with partial immunity on most of these endgame dinos definitely takes one step closer to balance. Unless that’s never the concern. :man_shrugging:


Honestly partial is something that I can get behind cause there is still things that can counter them but being fully immune means you can’t do nothing which is just the worst

If people say it’s an immune meta it’s because of immunes tops dinos like Maxima and Gemini, in the endgame they centralize the meta it’s why Dilorach and Rinex are not good because they are not great against these dinos because they have only distracts and stunning moves wich is not great against these dinos, like the uber meta in pokemon 7G if you have a pokemon who can counter Primo Groudon they’ll use it. It’s how the meta work

And if you compare the number of immunes dinos in 1.12 to 1.4 there is a huge difference, 29% still very high honestly

Oof based on that, rip bleeders. They have the highest ratio of immune to DoT vs dinos with DoT

But I mean, literally those 8 immune to DoT are half the cenos + daryx

I still think there are too many fully immune dinos, and they often take away a lot of power from some otherwise great dinos such as Dilor.

Personally, the ones I hate the most are the 100% unavoidable moves, such as Ardentismaxima’s Definite Strike. You can’t dodge, you can’t throw up a shield, you can’t distract and you can’t stun. That’s a whole lot of “can’t do this” to a single dino. That’s not forgetting that Ardentis and Geminititan also have insanely high HP (we’ve seen to 10k+ Ardentis) and you can’t rely on bleeding them. At the very least with Erlidom, you can both dodge and use a shield.

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yes this is a immune meta. it made other dinos lost their value

Do you even know the mean of the word META.
Its an immune META because top tier creatures have immunity.

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Well ya I’m not dumb but I’m saying it’s mostly four creatures that have made it like this and that while yes immunity has grown partial immunes are just more balanced than making it full

The fact is asking the question is all of the game an immune meta just cause your in higher arenas and facing tyrants doesn’t mean everyone does

Where I am, it’s like 90% Immune, like it’s been said only two Tyrants aren’t Immune.

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