Are we really in an immune meta

This is different to the raptor meta, Superiority strike meta, the bleed meat, or the ra🤢… the r🤢 meta when everyone in the game even lower arena had problems with this types of dinos

Ofcourse, but the creatures played on lower arenas can’t define a meta, because meta is on the TOP of the tiers.

Again that tyrants you go into lower arenas and immunity is not that present and why im saying it’s not a true immune meta but more a top immune meta where tyrants are all immune and or op

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Yeah, I get what your saying. I have trouble with the pole options though, I don’t really feel like any of them are true.

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Ya but rats dominated the lower and upper arenas, both draco gen2 and rat were problems, superiority strike used to be the beta cautious strike and creatures had it, and raptor meta come on.

Ya but by the time I saw that too late and opening another be kind of pointless but ya at least you get my point

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Yeah I understand, nuetral it is lol :blush:

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Yes buddy, what i mean lower arenas ‘‘meta’’ will be never canon and will never define one, because it isn’t relevant.

Honestly the meta depend in the arena you are, of course if you are in the arena 3 you shouldn’t (normally) see the top tiers creatures and there is not very immune creatures at this level, I guess in every arena there is a meta who can be different like the strategy pokémon about OU and UU the meta is definitely not the same thing

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Ya honestly I want to make a second to see what meta everyone is at rn


The “meta,” as I understand, does not refer to what dinosaurs exist in the game, but rather which dinosaurs are used for a team’s maximum performance. Diplocaulus is a creature in the game, but it’s certainly not in the meta. The “tyrant tier,” by this definition, and a few others used by the best of players, are the meta for the endgame. If 10 of 12 of our tyrants have immunity, then that makes an immune meta. They may not be the only things the meta consists of, and I’d throw a few more things in there. But yeah, it’s immune-dominated.

In lower arenas, we see different metas. Geminititan certainly doesn’t fit in the Lockdown meta because it doesn’t exist in the badlands. There we’d see… Tryostronix? G1 & G2 Indominus? And good heavens, Procerathomimus. Whatever’s down there, Immunity sure has an advantage. Other contenders I can imagine off the top of my head would include Purutaurus, Suchotator, & Thylacotator, and that should illustrate just how strong an advantage immunity should have down there. That puts them in the meta, and Rajakylosaurus out.

Down in the lower arenas, my younger brother would know the meta down there better than I do. If immunity isn’t so prevalent down there, I’d think it’s because there aren’t as many immune dinos to use. Postimetrodon’s not very good. Tryostronix, Indominus, and Procerathomimus would sure more than fit the bill, but that’s not a very long list. They wouldn’t be literally the only ones, but there’s not a lot to choose from for immunity there if I remember right. But the ones that do have immunity (minus Postimetrodon in my opinion) would fit in nicely.

Immunity would be in more than 29% of the dinos we fight, because they’re the ones our opponents would actually use


Perfect explanation :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually Christmas chicken and Indom G2 are everywhere from arenas 4 and up. Full immunity isn’t just a problem in TOP tiers, it’s a problem in all. Especially since they alone can sweep teams unprepared.

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Indom not soo much bu even if you are prepared that chicken can mess you up

Most indom is drafted with shield faster than 119 speed and well as nuffiers

Which is one of the reasons why I have switched to a predominantly fully immune team to counteract the influx of Indo Gen 2 in Aviary. I just need to work it out and boost them.