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Are we really not going to get any answers?

So I checked the forum yesterday to see if we are going to get a response from Ludia as to why boosts are being sold every day now.

And to ask why chat is still as broken as ever, with the addition of a new message being displayed to tell us we aren’t connected.

And what did I find?

J.C saying he’s had enough of us now and he’s not going to answer any more questions!

So what’s the point of a forum existing if there is no possibility of any communication passing between the players and the company then?


Nope. The devs have posted twice, I believe?

That’s one Ludia policy that never changes.

They do not speak to us. Period.


I just hope we haven‘t already reached the finale phase where they just milk out as much as possible before shutting down.
They obviously don‘t care about us. No communication, no response, no reaction but boost sales and hyped creatures that are incubator exclusive.


been saying this for a while. boosts are very similar to shards that ludia introduced into TMNT Legends in it’s final phase and i believe last update that game ever got before leaving it for dead. just a way to close the game out but leave an option for people to spend tons of money if they want to.

granted this game is not left for dead yet, but daily boost sales, a very lazy update with only 2 new creatures suggests it’s on it’s last legs. and soon we’ll just see unlimited boosts for purchase in the shop when they finally pull the plug. oh, and they aren’t going to tell you the game is being shut down.


Posted some in help and support didn’t get any response either

This is my fear too. Im only really in it for the dinodex, so pressure is on!

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Your PSA style post was closed for “trolling”…
SILENCE MORTAL!! You shall not voice your opinion here! :roll_eyes:


You pretty much nailed it.
I’ll continue to enjoy this game till maintenance mode, but it will be the last Ludia based game for me. It’s such a small genre though to find a good replacement.


The J.C thing was just petty. Literally like 3 people kept on pinging Ed trying to get him to revert changes because they don’t know how the forum works and all of a sudden all of us are not worthy of even getting responses. Super petty and unprofessional.


hit the nail on the head here.

i’m done being disappointed. if the company doesn’t care, why should we?
I’ll stay till i complete my dino dex but with every update there is some event exclusive that makes that even harder to do.


I was allowed to repost it with a couple modifications that seemed fair.

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yeah unfortunatley a lot of games take this route. buy exclusive rights to something and they can just make whatever garbage they want because what are your other options? that’s why EA continues to throw out the same garbage sports games year after year because they have no competition. what a coincidence that the CEO of ludia used to work for EA? :sweat_smile:

Hey folks, was not trying to be petty, I ain’t going nowhere and the game isn’t either. This is not the “end times.”

I won’t, however, allow people to be harassed in dm’s or the open forums. I hope we can at a minimum agree on that point.

I remember a joke being made yesterday that “J.C can take it” there was a lot more truth in that statement than op intended. Fire off at me all you want, I will still listen and try to get your opinions and ideas passed along to the team.

E.D and I, along with a few unseen cohorts, are trying to get you guys what you want (i.e communication) but that does not mean you’ll get in the forum you want or in a time table that you’ll like. We are doing our best here folks, and I’m sorry that that’s not enough, truly.


I hope that’s not the gaming equivalent of the board of a football club announcing that the manager has their full support …


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I ain’t a manager or producer :stuck_out_tongue: just a humble moderator and forums admin.


Thanks J.C for your effort. I’m sure we (at least I do) appreciate it.


So is there any chance that we may get to know why there was a decision made to sell boosts every single day 42 days ago J.C ?


I got no info on that or visibility


Even though the boost sale stuff isn’t answered, I cannot say that Ludia doesn’t listen. They’ve implemented some QOL stuff that was requested for a long time (multi fusion, drone controls, sanctuaries and the improvements to them, also contexual teams).
The thing about other stuff is that they’re trying different ways with things, hoping they’ll get it right. They reduced IndoG2’s attack, but gave it something in exchange and observed what happened. They asked players, and while they didn’t figure out how to solve the problem without screwing over the IndoG2 users, they chose to give players tools to counter it better, then they’ll observe again what happens. So they’re trying, in their own way.


is titanoboa g1 really currently an event exclusive JC?
and if so any idea when it will be featured?

oh and a suggestion to relay back to the team… can the spawns be shaken up a bit more? this was a decent start, but most of the stuff in the locals stayed the same. Can switch some with the arena exclusives if need be.