Are we really not going to get any answers?

I will ask about the g1 in my meeting, and will for sure pass along the feedback.


Jc honest question as I’ve been a mod - I think I probably understand your limited ability quite well - so why do you do it? Why do you continue to choose to be the face of a company that wont even communciate with their playerbase?

Not accusatory- rather, I’d go insane in your position.


Try asking any company, e.g. Amazon, IBM, Walmart, to justify their business decisions and let us know how you get on with that. At best a shareholder or major customer may be entitled to an answer but the rank and file …


Honestly, I like you guys, I like my hours and I like what I do. I am a professional Moderator/ Forums Admin at the end of the day, been at it for a few years now.


Complaints from my alliance members mainly focus on the new reticle being difficult to see, not one positive comment on that. Also, exclusive dinosaurs are making people really upset they dont get to go out in search of cool new dinosaurs they were excited about. Last update had a lot of positive feedback, this one has been largely a miss among my members.

I think y’all are going a little too far with this. If you have to go and harass someone on the forum to get their attention and still have the audacity to expect them to answer to you is just petty and toxic. I’m not sure how the mods of this forum deal with all this rude behavior by forum members. At the end of the day saying things like “ludia is just greedy and wants to milk players for their money by selling stat boosts every day” helps no one and is proof beyond doubt that the forums have just become a mess, I think y’all can be better than this.


now there is no double smilodon in the epic incubator contents. no titanoboa gen 1. odds are back to 4.17% for everything, so it looks like there is no plan at all for titanoboa. doesn’t spawn, not in incubators either.

begs the question why bother creating it and hyping with no mention of how to get it, or sell it or anything :confused:

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PQC, when I support a company by buying their product, if I have an issue with anything pertaining to that purchase, they respond.

I totally understand that J.C can’t speak for Ludia, and that Ludia may say it’s none of our business what they choose to do to get money in. But here I take issue as it is my business as I’ve invested time and money into this game.

Of course I could just walk away and say I’m done, but I love the game too much to do that, and I’ve played it since launch. I chose not to invest any more money into it when boosts 2.0 were launched as I think we were ripped off massively. My choice, and just a small stand on my part.

Communication seems to be a major issue with Ludia, and I feel for the mods on here. I imagine they go into the meetings with Ludia and are met with a brick wall. We all know they think we are all way too toxic on here so they don’t talk to us. Hardly very professional and not a good way to treat your customers.


I agree that when you buy a product (small aside but have those complaining actually bought it or are they FTP?) you have a right to certain responses. I buy a radio from Walmart and it doesn’t work I expect them to sort it. However buying a radio from them gives me no right to demand to know why they felt the need to bring out a new model that also makes coffee or decided to open a new store in Florida.


yeah but if you buy some nice bose surround sound system and it gets recalled and they replace it with a 5 CD boombox, then that gets recalled and gets replaced with a sony walkman to play cassettes at the same price as the bose system you are entitled to an answer. unless you bought it from ludia apparently.

not really any different than what they did. their business decisions, direction the game is going, etc? no, but stuff they actually sell people, yes.


History is littered with the tattered remains of businesses that refused to listen to their customers.

The 1970’s American auto industry is a shining example of that.


Other than their TOS entitles them too …

the people that handle google play and apple refunds would beg to differ :sweat_smile:

TOS is just guidelines for their game. and are easily superseded by google/apple rules, laws, etc. ludia seems to be treading water in that department.


Granted - but this is a different age - any keyboard warrior can easily demand this and that or even falsely accuse a company of wrongdoing. As someone who runs a business there are so many “rights” out there from customers and employees, etc that there can be little time to actually run a business. You have to choose what you respond to and how you respond. I do wonder sometimes why anyone would actually want to offer goods or services at all.

I agree with that, but what if the radio you bought was nowhere near as good as the one that the guy next door has despite his being exactly the same?

When you ask him how his has so many more stations and is louder, clearer and so much better he says he just put boosts on it that yours doesn’t have!

So you ask the manufacturers and they say they have no idea why you are complaining as it’s up to them to do whatever they like as it’s their company. They tell you if you want to keep up with the guy next door just buy the boosts like he did.

You may think that it’s not right as there weren’t any boosts involved at the time you bought it, and the fact that they were added later is shifting the goalposts somewhat.


A different age, I love that excuse. It’s been used for all of eternity.

I’m not sure how old you are, or even care how old you are. One thing I’m sure you’ll come to understand with experience (age) is that people and the conditions driving them don’t change. We are facing the same hurdles faced a hundred years ago, just in different forms.

Companies in the position of Google Play or Apple go for the path of least resistence to them - anything for a quiet life. Take PayPal for example - if you pay for anything with PayPal and complain, in the majority of cases, they will side with you, refund you and deduct the money from the retailer regardless of the circumstances - it is very rare for the retailer to be able to do anything about it. Amazon are the same with their sellers.

That is ridiculous. 30 years ago could someone just go on Google and post a negative review about a company or product that they have never engaged with or even bought? Could someone send in their CV for a job and then sue the company for alledged discrimination just because they didn’t get an interview? It used to take effort to complain - write a letter, go back to the shop, attend a shareholders meeting, etc - now you just need a computer (hell, just your phone) and a sense of entitlement. There are far fewer retailers now than ever and when everything is only available from a handful of online retailers you’ll see just how much they care about customer service then. That is what experience/age is telling me. With every year that passes dealing with the public becomes more toxic and more and more business owners look to the exit.

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Not seeing that one - he bought the upgrade. Yes the goalposts have moved but would you really rather still be playing 1.1?

Edit: Actually I think I’d rather be playing 1.6 still but there have been some nice additions since.

If I thought I would have to keep buying boosts to keep playing it I may not have got that brand. Especially as they didn’t tell me I would need them.
And before you say it, I know it will still work without them, just not as well as I might like it to.

I’m retired now, but I spent my whole working life in retail and I 100% get where you are coming from though in your other posts though :+1: