Are we to assume …

That Mortem Rex will not be getting the buff from roar for 2 attacks lasting 2 turns?

Can we also assume that the map not moving since the Android 12 software update is now a permanent issue for Samsung s21 users?


Seriously, I used Morty in one of the new campaign matches and I was shocked that such a simple fix still hadn’t been applied.

There’s no excuse for it, not when they fix free incubators and the like within a couple of hours.


How about the moves animations? Are they still not fixed?

Hey Schtemty, the 2 issues are still being worked on by our team.

Thanks @Ned, it’s a thankless task for you dealing with these issues for sure!


Also, the animation is still wrong.

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No worries, Schtemty! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Ned Sorry for the ping, but is the team aware that Mortem’s animations are messed up? Roar is using the Fierce Rampage animation and Fierce Rampage is using the Roar animation. That’s a quick fix, so I was surprised to see it persist into a second update!

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Hey Castal, I have poked our team on this again as well. :smiley:


Just a bump to confirm that my suspicions were correct.

Neither of these issues have been resolved, and furthermore we no longer even hear about them any more.

Two more long term bugs that we just have to get used to I suppose.


That they didn’t fix it is one thing but no acknowledgement or progress communication is disappointing


Hey everyone, I’m sorry that there hasn’t been recently updated information regarding this on our end. :sweat:

The current information I have is that Mortem Rex’s Roar ability, along with its animation, is still under the list of things our team is actively investigating.

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Like the 2 year bug where we still see completed DNA requests? Among all the other long term bugs.

I guess this will also be a bug that is just forgotten and occasionally “mentioned” thats its being looked into.


The buff not working properly might be trickier, but I’m not sure what there is to “investigate” with the animations being switched. It’s such a simple fix. (I worked as a mobile game dev and did lots of stuff with animations in Unity, so I know.)