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Are you a daily active player? So are we!


Lords of Jurassic World is seeking new members who share the same enthusiasm as we do for JWA.

We have a couple of openings coming up soon which will fill up fast.


  • Daily active player
  • Must have 2500+ trophies
  • Level 10+
  • Must use Discord (If you don’t know how to use Discord, don’t worry we can show you how.)
  • Read/Write in English

Our alliance members show their passion for JWA by playing daily and forging friendships through open communication via Discord and in-game chat. Just one look at our discord channel will show you how friendly, passionate, respectful, and helpful we are towards one another. We have a large group of of daily active players which are lead by one very dedicated leader. We always earn Rank 5 in Exploration Alliance Mission and with a couple more active defense players we can achieve the same in defense.

Interested? Don’t wait! Looking forward to hearing from you.


We’ve already completed rank5 exploration and rank4 defence missions. There’s still one opening so hurry up!


Hello. What is the name of ur alliance?


“Lords of Jurassic World”


Yes a verry verry actif player, but i never reach 5 in the missions, that why i wanna from monday to change alliance. Are u gonna accept me. Am pipen


Msg me your details


Hi there, do u still have spots on your alliance?


At the moment we’re full but soon we might have couple of spots. Message me your details and I’ll let you know.


Thanks for the fast answer.

It possible, 2 spots if there is any innactive players still, on your alliance, because i play also with my kid.

  • Turok Macto lvl 12 (almost 13) - Trophy Points 2676 - Play between 5/6 hours a day

Drazqtm lvl12 (very near 13) - Trophy Points 2508 - Play more than 6 hours a day

If any news, please reply to me.

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Sure I’ll let you know if we’ve 2 spots open in this or upcoming week. :slightly_smiling_face:


We’ve one spot vacant atm. Msg me if you’re interested :blush: Hurry up!!


I’m interested in joining the alliance if you have a spot available this week. I’m between 2750-3000 trophies at the moment (I keep bouncing between 2750 and 3250 trophies) and am player level 12. My in-game name is Toothless


We’re going to have one vacancy very soon. So if you’re interested then message me.
This is our current alliance progress


Do you still have openings? My daughter and I are looking for an alliance that sharea and is serious about the game. We are.daily.players who give a lot of dna. Pixee85 and I am HalfAster.

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Kindly check your inbox.


I am also interested. I opened a thread a few days ago. I’m at about 5000 trophies, playing daily.


Ok bro I’ll take a look at your thread and let you know. Just an hour ago I replaced one member.