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Are you a FREE TO PLAY player?

Do you play exclusively as a Free to Play gamer?

I do. I treat F2P like a harder difficulty setting , sure it takes a bit longer and requires patience, but its more rewarding as you work your way through to competative levels. I get a real sense of pride and achievement by beating all the Pay to Win players who’ve spent goodness knows how much £/$/€ to get there. Its good clean fun, and whats more it hasn’t cost me a bean just some in-game-currency that I’ve earned.

Be awesome, be free!



I play for free too.


I follow GamingBeaver’s policy that it’s not worth it. I’ll never spend money on an app game especially when it gains you so little for so much real cash.
Old fashioned way for me. It may be slower but at least I feel like I earned where I’m at.
Built not bought!


Free2Play all the way. I’ve only done ViP and a couple LvUp offers. I just build up what I have.


Right here. There’s no point in sinking money into this game when it’s remarkably simple to be gated by the most absurd things at even MORE absurd prices.

Coins, for example. Why would anyone pay money to USE what they already dumped countless hours into (aka DNA collection)? There’s virtually no support for the game outside personal satisfaction.

Most games that try to cater to ‘whales’ have some sort of self-feeding aspect to them, even if negligible. There’s no guild system that nets more DNA or higher coin limit per day, just a couple perks from the VIP subscription which is arguably not worth it depending where you live.

There’s no genuinely competitive aspect to the game because there’s currently no reward outside of bragging rights for leaderboard.

There’s nowhere near the substance that other games use in an attempt to justify insane pricing and since I don’t care to feed my ego for THOSE games, why would I for THIS one?


I’m a teacher and my Google account is through my school. Because of this, I can’t make purchases anyway. I didn’t realize this until I went to buy an incubator once. I am almost level 10 now and I don’t want to start over with a new account.


I was a free player. But i wanted to explore the game. Since i am VIP the game is more interesting for me, because i have more time on my drone. So, my son plays free and is quick. Since i am VIP, i can compete with him (almost) :)))


Apart from around $3 for a one time offer I don’t think I’ve invested any more money.

I’m all for supporting the development of the game.
If not for the glitches and expensive business model I’d
be encouraged to spend more.

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I’m mostly Free2Play, though I have bought a few incubators during my time playing, £5 here, £5 there. I did buy my Pyroraptor because it was a guaranteed acquisition but I figure as long as I don’t go overboard, there is no harm in it.


I am 4700 trophies f2p. I have done a butt ton of tapjoy offers though.

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whilst i don’t disparage anyone who pays (support the developers!) i am proud as heck of my free collection.


Another F2P here! Quite proud of my collection that I haven’t paid for :grin:


When I first started I bought the level up boosts but after I reached fifth I stopped. Haven’t bought anything especially since the big update meant I didn’t need to worry about darts anymore.

Edit: I do pay for the VIP as I think it’s more than worth it.

If everyone was free to play this game wouldn’t make any money and wouldn’t be built on. Not saying you should spend loads but spending ‘hopefully’ means the game will be updated and not die out because games are a business at the end of the day.


Free to play here to. It’s harder

VIP but otherwise yes FTP :blush: Feel it’s rewarding and keeps interest in the game, if you pay, there will always be others paying more, so you have to pay more and on and on… I used to get upset when battling and came up against a whole team of obviously paid for legendaries and high-level hybrids… but now I’m like hey, let them move on, they’re passing through on their way to the top where they can all play their own game, while we FTPs play ours.

I got to 3470 medals (dropped down now as I guess more and more people pay to progress quicker or have gone to town on the daily events) and am on level 11. Battle 3ish hours a day, 1 hour collecting from supply drops and collecting DNA, been playing maybe 2 months…

How about you all?

I have had a month of VIP plus a fee other small purchases. Basically I have paid Ludia what I think the game is worth. I am free to play now.

After all Ludia is a business and if everyone was free to play there wouldn’t be a game to play. So I don’t mind giving something to them. I have had a hundreds of hours entertainment out of the game.

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I’m a free to play player. I’ve been playing for 5 weeks and just barely reached 3500 trophies and almost have my first legendary. I’m also level 10.

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Ive been playing f2p since launch and sit around 3500 - 3800 trophies. My best dino would have to be my only legendary, lvl 20 Stegodues! The rest are mostly hybrids 14 - 18.

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If the model is done right people are happy to pay while others just add to the player base. I played World of Tanks as f2p and after a while I was happy to spend about $100 in that game and felt it was fair for the time / enjoyment I got from the game.

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