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Are you a FREE TO PLAY player?


Been f2p for about 3 weeks now.


And I won’t be buying no Christmas offers either, but thanks for all the free stuff. This is one of the best F2P games I’ve played. :wink:


I am a f2p player and if you want to see the benifits of vip and paying for oto look at my team then pocemon and fodder as we all started playing since the start


How exactly does one look at a team that has no picture :thinking:


And in Poke Fodders latest video he feels a bit sad to have ‘capped out’ at L20. He’s finished the game (in one respect). Yes, you will accelerate your team slightly quicker to unlock higher level dinosaurs with V.I.P. access, but at what cost? Is it worth it, I doubt it. You can have just as much fun working your way up there as a F2P player, have more sense of achievement for getting there and not spending a bean, and extra longevity for your gaming experience.

What about when you eventually quit this game? Then you can look back at how much money you’ve wasted on a game which for all intents and purposes is still ‘in development’. The things you paid out to get change, so many advantages you get with V.I.P. become devalued further when you then have to set about levelling up other competitive dinosaurs. But for the price and what you get with V.I.P. it clearly isn’t worth it, you certainly don’t get value for money in a transient game like JWA.


Didn’t mean literaly look at it it was just a figure of speech pocemon has about 5 uniques where i only have the 1 so the benifits of oto and vip are evident


So I didn’t pay anything over Christmas and I’m still happily progressing. Still beating many who pay (for nothing). It’s great as a free to play game. Why not make it a New Year’s resolution to not throw any more money away on JWA?


That was actually part of my new year’s resolution. Less spending on jwa unless they get rid of spoofs and other types of cheats. If I’m paying to win I wanna win not just lose slightly less badly against cheats and meanwhile steamroller other legits


I’m free to play player, because 10$ in my country is a lot so,it’s not worth it.


I’m free to play player. Only payed 2€ for one time offer (for lvl 17), just to see if next one will be better and for reasonable money. Have no intention to pay bigger amounts of money just to spare a month or two of grinding. Eventually we all will get till lvl 20 and have all lvl 30 dinos. May take few years without spending money, but we will get there.
Ludia will need to find a way to keep us interested while more and more of us will get till the end of the road.


It has occurred to me the more you pay, the more of the game and dinosaurs you are actually missing out on playing, and the more you’ll just get ‘stuck’ further up the ladder. It makes no sense to pay anything for this game if it shortens it’s longevity and becomes less fun.

Play organically, play Free 2 Play and never regret a thing!


“Frugal 2 Play”. I’ve spent on level up offers, but never on the 49.99 one. The cash/coin/incubator specials during the holidays were no brainer deals. Nothing more than ~$100 overall is frugal enough to me.


Never put any money into it, never will, and I’m level 17 and in the Aviary… sure, it bothers me that I only have 1 unique when I see them all around me, but I blame the game for constantly giving me 10s on diloranosaurus… these things cannot be coincidental, cause they never work in your favor… but I’m not spending my money on games, ever


I like your attitude Tommy well said, and it stands as a testament to show that you don’t need to pay a thing to be able to reach the Top Arena. Well played. I’m in the same boat with just one unique (and you know what I don’t even think it’s that great). Its not about what dino-hybirds you have it’s more about what level they are and how you play them that really matters.


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
In a way, the game teaches you patience to be honest :smile: but I imagine how surprised people must be to see a level 23 stegoceratops up there, but that thing is really good, can take out stegodeus, even indo… and the real fun for me is to try to play a move that no one expects, like with indominous, I never cloak on turn one, they swap for some of its couters and they get a hit…
Btw I’m getting closer to that Diloranochairus, should start fusing it this week or next hopefully :slightly_smiling_face:


I totally hear you about Stegoceratops @ L23. SNAP! And how it can be a great counter against Stegodeus/Indo-craptor with it’s slowing/stunning moves, what’s more it might be about to get even better if/when Slowing Impact is reduced to 2 turn cooldown (effectively giving it another Impact in it’s cycle). I know what you mean about patience, but when you’ve not invested anything (moneywise) but time into a game you’ve really got nothing to loose and everything to gain. And on top of that the satisfaction of making it there yourself without buying your way up.


Oh you are one of them xD I really hesitate when an indom comes now to swap and when I already have a counter some indom cloak on turn 2 x)


It’s the best strategy, cause it’s at least some guaranted damage… if you cloak at your first turn, you might be killed on turn two before you even attack


On occasion, I’ll do VIP, because I like the double cash/coins/distance and supporting a game I am having fun playing, however, I was GOING to do it in December, then they introduced Daily Missions and I really hate them so much that I decided NOT to spend any money on them until they fix the issues. I’ve done ViP twice and one of the level ups once, because it was only 99 cents.

So now I’m a Free Player.


I’ve paid for ViP and I’m sitting regularly under 3200 :smiley: :smiley: