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Are you a heavy hitter looking for an established clan? Come to us and fight infinite 10s -- Fury Guardians Alliance

Heys, our 2nd clan is looking for replacement players of about 7000BP. Active ones.

We got pestered with people who stopped pulling their weight without a notice, and thus had to let them go.

The clan is private and has been established on infinite 10s since July 20th, our winstreak is not linear but we rarely lose (94% winrate) so it’s almost as if it was. We defeat every type of Alphas… What we want is more people who we can rely on, because right now, we are a bare minimum of players needed for the wins.

We have a few ground rules to be explained after application and an active server for the alliance… come in if you want to defeat 10s along with us.

This is the clan if you want to send join request, though I prefer you contact me via pm first. Case is, most people who just join don’t commit for long and that won’t do.
Send on discord, at Featherwing#4871 (I am more active there)