Are you a veteran?

(Secret hidden in the backround)

Hint: Behing the Helicopter there is a mysterious silhouette


Oh! I’ve now just noticed that its the same heli from jw. Man, am I slow.

Its fun to see all the little Easter eggs in some of the arenas. The chopper, the gyrosphere on nublar(I think it was the arena in the jungle with the volcano in the backround, I think the first ever arena fight you do, idk) and a bunch of other things I forgot about

dont get it…

Lol do you really wanna play?

Also Alanky hybrid go brrr

Have you even played jurassic world alive?

im at level 11

I see the chopper but no silhouette. I’m confused.

I think this?

alright these are from my head but
ready to crush
minimal wounding strike
fierce rampage
fierce impact
group acceleration
minimal speed up strike
it just goat real
dig in
dig in taunt
taunting shield strike
shielded strike
shielded decelerating strike
shield advantage
definite shield advantage
rending attack
rending takedown
minor rending attack
leathal wound
gashing wound
exploit wound
lockdown strike
instant pinning strike
pinning strike
binding impact
evasive stance
evasive strike
evasive impact
emergency heal
greater emergency heal
adrenaline pulse
greater stunning strike
greater stunning impact
greater stunning rampage
instant charge
deliberate prowl
instant rampage
acute stun
superiority strike
superiority impact
superior vulnerability
delayed rampage(was most likely scrapped)
precise rampage
precise impact
armor piercing rampage
armor piercing impact
armor piercing strike
defense shattering strike
defense shattering impact
defense shattering rampage
group shattering impact
group shattering strike
long protection
short defense
decelerating rampage
decelerating impact
decelerating strike
slowing impact
long decelerating strike
group decelerating strike
group decelerating impact
group decelerating rampage
fierce strike
fierce impact
fierce rampage
cunning strike
cunning impact
cunning rampage
resilient strike
resilient impact
resilient rampage
distracting strike
distracting impact
distracting rampage
instant distraction
distracting shield
high pounce
precise pounce
tip the scales
nullifying strike
nullifying impact
nullifying rampage
cleaning strike
group cleansing strike
cleansing impact
definite strike
definite impact
definite rampage
taunting rampage
taunting shattering rampage
instant invincibility taunt
instant invincibility
group invincibility
long invincibility
cleansing swoop
lethal swoop
minor swoop(i’m not sure if that one exists)
ferocious defense
group takedown
there was also that one move that taunts and makes an opponent vulnerable but i forgot what that move was called

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what about exploit wound?

it’s there

horrible bleating?
Primal tail whip?
Brace moves?

wait what’s a brace move?

tyranno raid round 2

oh, you’re right

Think you’re looking for Taunting Vulnerability.

Also, Expose Weak Spot?

that’s the one I was looking for, I thought it had a different name. as for EWS I don’t have carboto and I didn’t know it existed