Are you able to get Blue in the wild?

I’ve been look all over the Internet for this answer! Can you find Blue in the wild? Or only from events?

It’s only from events…

So should I be just waiting till the next time Blue is in an event?

Yeah, Blue is exclusive, so only darting attempts and special incubators can give it to you.

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If you have him you can put him in a sanctuary. Or request other alliance members to put him in so you can get DNA.


Sometimes it’s featured as an event creature during a weekly themed event. Sometimes it’s in a tournament. Sometimes it’s in strike tower incubators depending on the event. If there’s a hybrid pursuit for its hybrid you can get it then as well. It’s pretty rare any of these happen lol

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Luckily though, he is in quite a few events, and like mentioned above, special incs…


It sucks that you missed the month that Blue was the Daily Reward :tired_face:

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That’s were the annoying problem is. I have blue level 14 and have 244 DNA out of 250 LMAO! Just my luck!

Well hopefully someone in your Alliance can help you out.

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If you’re that close just use the sanctuary to hit level 15.

Not even a full FIP session will get you to 15.

I would but I am only level 9

No one in your Alliance has Blue? Or can you not FIP it due to level?

They do but how would I get DNA it always says I am to low of a level to try and get DNA from him

I didn’t know level 9 was too low. They implemented the Sanctuaries when I was already high enough to FIP most creatures.

Yeah you have to be level 13

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I do have one last sent from the most recent thing but I have a less than 1 percent chance so wish me luck I guess!

I got one from it. Only one though, so remember to walk around for maximum effect. Good luck

Does it matter where you walk?