Are you bloody kidding me!?

Hey. I had my level 15-16 team one shotted by a super boosted 16 T-rex, out 1, 2, 3 just a while ago. The mid levels are getting as bad and not fun as the upper ones. Glad I don’t pay for this.

The trick I found to getting fair balanced arena matches, is to not do arena matches.

Only thing ive found that works.

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Sadly, the Arena is how I help out my alliance the most since I’m stuck at work 10-12 hours a day. I can’t hunt very often, so I mostly work on the defense missions.

I’ve already told my alliance that I’m taking a break. They’re an understanding bunch, so I doubt I’ll be kicked out.

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I can relate… Most stressful game ever by itself… then come the bugs and make it worse… Fortunately I just beat the noob-combo of a Thor 29 + Draco. Good way to stop battling for tonight.


But seriously yeah I agree that helping the alliance is a great thing, however if the thing you need to do TO help the alliance is rage inducing its not worth it, because if you end up rage quitting you’re not helping at all.

Also it doesn’t help that Ludia is extremely silent, which in and of itself is annoying.

I have actually been looking at my team and making some adjustments and have been considering just tanking my rating and putting low levels and just playing as a newbie player in a much lower arena where Thor and boosts (ideally rat also but I may be dreaming) don’t exist yet.

I’ve been thinking about doing that as well, however I shouldn’t have too.

What is even the point in spending so much time creating a creature when you can’t afford to play with it because of boosts? Even more so when its one you’ve wanted for a long time?

Ludia needs to get their head out of their butt holes.


Well this low level play style would for me be a way to help the alliance, have some fun while slowly collecting DNA, all while waiting to see if 1.9 fixes things.

But yes we shouldn’t HAVE to, but fun is where you find it :slight_smile:

If I wasn’t so desperate for dna in lockwood, I probably would.

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I have also found a way to kill time while being still interested in JWA, and that is running and alliance (micromanage it) and also making JWA based parody songs, like THIS for instance -

“I don’t wanna be buried!” - by Stiff
Boosted Thor can be scary,
If he crits things get hairyyyy,
I don’t wanna have to fight again!

Dracorex can be scary!
If he swaps, you’ll be buriedddd
I don’t wanna fight this rat again!

And I think my best work yet -

Things were much more fun when there was a difference in which creatures were used in each arena.
I couldn’t wait to create new dinosaurs and grow them to an appropriate age for battle. Then I could graduate into the next arena.
It was a “Yay for birthdays!” kind of time, and, more recently, a “celebration between alliance members for making/raising a baby together” kind of time.


With the JWA mindset, a birthday is just celebrating one year closer to death :slight_smile:

EDIT: Maybe for JWA 2nd birthday if by then we have crit and armour boosts, they should give in the in game mail free bodybags.

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That guy got on my nerves fast. I cheered when the Xenomorph nailed him.

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All we have to do now is build a fire. @Stiffeno is already singing the songs.
I still get @PQC’s song stuck in my head. Hello Sorna, my old friend

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“Raging in the Thread!” - Candle in the Wind parody
But the forums burned down long before, the raging ever ends! :slight_smile:

The nerdwage is welentless!


“I believe in my Thor!” - Written by Stiffeno!

Intro -
I used to think, that I did love, this gameeeee
But thats before, the boosted Thor, did reignnnn
But now I now, that I cannot competeeee
So I should just, accept my new ratingggg

I believe in my Thorrrr
Always makes your Dino’s hit the floorrrr
I see him critting every night and dayyyy
Use some boosts and crit awayyyy

I believe in my thorrr
Gunna make your Trex hit the floorrrr
Even if you try and run awayyyyy
He’ll crit your ass and laugh awayyyy

I believe in my Thor!
I see your second Dino’s back for moreee
Better boost your ass or run awayyy
Dracorex aint far awayyyy

I believe in my Thorrr
Can’t believe you’re actually back for moreee
Gunna crit your ass right awayyy
Tank your rating night and day

I believe in my Thorrrr
You should be runnin out that open door
I see you got a free boost todayyyy
Don’t waste your time, it won’t change a thang

I believe in my Thor
I see you lookin at the in-game store
It doesn’t matter if you try and pay
All the boosts have gone away

I believe in my Thor
Arena balance just went threw the floor
It doesn’t matter if they nerf away
The player base aint gunna stay

“Why don’t you put her in charge!?” is one of the best delivered lines ever. haha


This topic took an unexpected turn. Lol


Yeah but WHAT a turn it was haha!

Thats one of the fun things about the internet, a discussion can go from talking about cooking recipes, to being in an all out mother hating racial war haha!