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Are you casual player looking to be better?

…then THE KINGDOM TWD is for you! We are a casual alliance that rake in the rewards of semi-hardcore players and we’re looking for 2 battlers to help us improve drastically

What we can offer you:

  • A casual, friendly group of people to work/play with
  • 8/9-10 on weekly rewards
  • 230000+ alliance championship (last 2 months was over 300000)
  • A bunch of raids buddies

What we need from you:

  • You must be Badlands+ so you can play in tourneys
  • Get the 10 takedown bonus every weekend
  • Play one seasonal battle to know your active
  • Log in once every five days (this is negotiable, but you must explain why and how long you’ll be gone)

That’s it! No super grindy coordination (although a large portion of us are willing to do so to complete raids and other things). No daily missions required (But feel free to do so). Just what you see above.

Interested and wish to apply? PM @th3bub14 to apply. But hurry, these spots will close up fast.

Interested. Recently got out of an alliance that was drama stricken. Enjoying solo. But alliances offer a few opportunities that solo does not. 20th level. Depending on my experimentation I range between 4900 and 5150 medals. Play every day, fulfill my dailies.

We have 2 open slots! Nothing too hardcore

2 slots opening up tonight! Come quick as they won’t stay open long

Sounds like what I’m looking for. In an alliance now but participation is lacking. Trying to get members to participate in the tourneys is a drag.

I’m a daily player, top contributor in my current alliance. Level 17 and ~4600.

Sweet, PM me to ur IGN and I’ll get you in tonight

Currently we have 1 spot open. Please note that due to the championship ending this weekend we require that the bonus be collected by 1 AM EST. Move quickly, as this spot won’t be open for long