Are you enjoying the Rixi Tournament?

Once you hit the top 500, it’s a case of whoever has the best Rixi wins.

Another finely balanced tournament from Ludia :expressionless:


Wait, you guys are facing Rixis?


More than the “skill” tournament honestly.

Advantage tournaments are mostly fine. You either lose easily or win easily. Speedties are extremely rare.

Worst tournament coming next weekend: skill epic hybrids only.

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So that’s rixis again then ? Where’s my yawning emote lol

Is a more suchotator torunament tbh

suchotator is like the best rare, only better than like 60% of epics.

So now we ask a nerf for sucho or rixis ? Because sucho also op for rare hybrid that Made from 2 common

Is it tho? Being a wildcard it has to tools to beat everything, but can also lose to everything. It’s mostly a mind games thing

Sucho is a weird one.
If you choose your moves wisely (well, luckily), you can use it to tear through your opponent’s team.
One bad decision though, and it’s in big trouble!

I agree with wild card classs but sucho moveset just too perfect for rare hybrid like @DinoGuy said.

I could give you counters, but a lot of it is baiting your opponent into using a certain move

With how easy it is to get epics, epic hybrids, and even legendaries nowadays, suchotator being above average for a rare is almost irrelevant. Besides, its hardly overpowered.

Yes, I am very happy having to face nearly level 30 max boosted rixis, so happy :’)

In a 1v1, Ankylocodon and Andrew are the only reliable 1v1’s, but most matchups leave sucho spent

What’s absolutely wrong with this tournament is I keep facing incredibly low levelled players… doesn’t make any sense. On my secondary account, which is low levelled, I encounter only high levelled players… everything about battling in this game has been shred to pieces

Thank god it’s for prize I don’t give a shiv about.

I have not lumped on the Rixis. I would, but I’m certain it will get nerf hammered in the next two updates.

More than arena.

Rixis is only 1 insanely unbalanced creature which you can beat if the stars align assuming the opponent gets it.

Get past the opponent Rixis and it will get easier.

That said, Sarcorixis might be one of the 2 or 3 creatures I feel needs a rebalance to be less cheesey. It needs to have only 1 stun move and a defense breaking move. Prob lower damage and speed. Its become a crutch for epic hybrid and below tourneys if selectable.

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I’m in 25th and my rixis is level 30 w/0/10/20 (156 speed) and all I have ever done since the procerarat got nerfed, which I called it back then, bows rixis time to shine as the new OP cash cow for ludia, I’d say the same thing. Nerf the Rixis already. It makes the tournaments awful. Either you get your rixis and they don’t and you win OR they get their rixis and you don’t, and you lose. In the event you both get your rixis, it’s whomever built theirs better (I.e. mainly who’s faster and has RNGesus looking out for their stun move) is the victor. And in those rare off-chance anomalous events where neither gets a rixis (id say 1 out of 20 games based on that I’ve played about 80 games so far tiday and fought 4 people where neither of us had a rixis. They need to lower the ferocious impact to a ferocious strike. Also get rid of the speed decrease resistance altogether. And give it a delayed stun strike of 2 delay and 2 on cooldown or make cooldown of priority stun move 3. But all three of those things should about put the rixis at an epic super hybrid level. I destroy entire teams in the arena with my rixis, all level 30 uniques. All meta of course, because there is no incentive to use anything otherwise.

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Again the issue is not one creature or the other, it is allowing raises in tournaments and matchmaking.
If you don’t look at this image, my biggest creature for this tournament is level 22, as it is possible that I face levels 30, the problem is not the creatures, the problem is Ludia and her rules of the game.

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