Are you guys on drugs with these price offers?


Call me crazy but that is absolutely insulting. And absolutely ridiculous. Pay $50 cash now for a T-Rex incubator? I would just like to point out the fact that I am already a VIP member. I really do like the game but the creators must be dying to make this game fail as soon as they possibly can. Also I’m going to point this out again, with me paying for the VIP membership if you plan on keeping people longer than 1 month I would recommend you make the VIP a little more VIP.


Don’t forget the legendary incubs, the ridiculous limits on coins and cash… VIP is basically what the 100% free mode should be like, albeit with a stupid cash and coin limit.

Welcome to JWA, I guess.


If it gives you some perspective, I’ve got two other games I’m playing on my mobile and in one of them a nifty little monster (that I would still have to level up from scratch if I got it, but looks awesome and is more powerful than what I have) costs 1,700 in-game gems. Those gems, if I were to buy them outright? $119.00. No joke. And it’s far from the cheapest one, it just happened to be the one that caught my eye.

The other game has packs for VIP that start at $10 and go upwards of $100, but the currencies included I would burn through in a day of upgrades and the heroes I’d unlock would be random.

Not saying I approve of the price of JW:E shop goods, but it seems that the mobile app games in general are priced to the point of lunacy and I honestly cannot fathom why anyone would pay that kind of cash on a mobile app game unless by sheer accident. I know there are people who pay it; my friend told me of an acquaintance of his that spent $1,200 on Clash of Clans to become a contender in it. I played Clash of Clans. It was a cute little distraction. DISTRACTIONS SHOULD NOT COST MORE THAN A PAYCHEQUE.

Oops, started ranting. My bad! I’ll show myself out. TL;DR it just seems that ridiculous pricing is the mobile app culture.