Are you happy with 2.11?

Are you happy with 2.11?
  • Yes
  • No

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Still waiting for Sinosaurypteryx to show up :slightly_smiling_face: but so far yes


I just wish so much stuff wasn’t buggy 😵‍💫


Sinosauropteryx is in my zone so I’m gobbling it up as much before the end of the month. I am working to get Sinokotaraptor to team level.


Oh the messiness with flocks!


Its a good update but a little boring for me. I really hope once we will get Rexy,Toro, Aquatics

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No boost reset. Every update will be an absolute failure until we get that.


I’m more neutral median on this one

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It is a fairly unexciting update for me, like many others, I wish we had that boost reset. With the change to resilient and nerfs to the 3 most used apexes, we deserved one. However, it’s not the case and I have a lot of boosts on creatures that are now benched.

If they just gave us a definitive answer saying the boost reset is scheduled for 2.14 (for example) I’d just take them all off now but I don’t want to take them off and it’s the update immediately after.

no only because parasauthops needs to be better + no boost reset sadly

I swear if 2.12 is the same as this, I will delete the game

I saw this coming 2.11 is probably the worst update

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I still stand with 1.6 being far worse.


I like the new dinos in this update but all the bugs have ruined it for me.
The dino buffs were nice.
But they did parasauthops so dirty on its resistances 33% stun :worried:


every update topic is followed by a “known issues” one, about some brand new bugs to join the many old ones.

then no.

Someone in my alliance put a Sinosaurypteryx in a shared sanctuary. That’s how I got mine :grin:

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Had some good changes. Couple new creatures. New rewards to help newer players. All good. Love that the game is still regularly updated with balance, fixes and new content after 3 years.

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Mortem got nerfed harder than Monomimus, so this is the worst update by far.

I still don’t understand where this whole idea that Mortem got nerfed comes from. If you relied on Mortem’s Cleansing Impact to get it through the match, you weren’t using Mortem right (and frankly, at this point there really shouldn’t be any abilities that cleanse ALL debuffs besides Dig In, Group Heal, Emergency Heal, Alert Group Heal or Greater Emergency Heal). And in Raids, you’re supposed to run alongside a faster Tuoramoloch who’s job is to buff speed, heal, AND cleanse the team anyway.

I do wish Alert Fatal Strike cleansed DoT though instead of Vulnerability, or Mortem’s DoT resistance was buffed, but besides that I think it’s still as good a Fierce as it’s always been. It just can’t destroy Cunnings anymore, but then again, that’s whole point of the Resilient-Fierce-Cunning class system anyway; Resilients lose to Fierce, and Fierce lose to Cunnings.

As for 2.11 itself:


Nice, congrats mate :partying_face: