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Are you happy with the new boosting system?

Personally I don’t like the new boosting system.

Just like an update in the past, the developers decided to change the darting mechanics in such a way, it caused a huge uproar of negativity. Thus, the developers ended up changing it back.

From what I am seeing, it may happen with this boosting system too.

Are you happy with the new boosting system?

  • Yes
  • No

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I am not voting in this thing yet, and here is why. Dude, it’s day one. Everyone has gone off the ledge with this and we haven’t even seen it operating for a day. I’m not saying anything either way until we see this thing play itself out. At first glance, the cost does seem out of proportion by a lot. But, please for the love of all things good in this world, let’s just take a breath and step away from the ledge. Say it with me…Goosefraaba…



I totally understand your point of view, and you’re right, it’s only day one, we haven’t really given it time to play out.

For me, I do see the potential it may bring, and how it can even things out.

The developers worked around this before by nerfing and buffing the dinosaurs.

I don’t think many was complaining about the boosting system in the past, and now they’ve completely changed everything which took a long time for us to adapt too.

But let’s see what the future holds.


Well said sir.

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Yes, I am !

The new system of boost is way better than the precedent one, it offer way more possibility of customisation than the one before who was just boost everything without thinking.

The only problem is the augmentation of boost needed to obtain a creature with similar power as before. But this is the same for all, and the fight gonna be way more interesting.

(I still hoping for the price of one boost to be 50 and not 100 to make everyone happy, 100 it’s way to much)


Yeah too soon to actually put a vote for me. But so far I like it. I’ll come back to this later perhaps. The matches lasted a little longer and it felt good and I even sensed some balance again. I’m still unboosted and saying this. I don’t think they deserve such addictive sounding feedback.

At first I was shocked having some dinos health and damage reduced by alot, but now I can say I love the new system. At least I can use a bunch of dinos and get more than one hit (looking at you Thorn).


I like it cause I can’t pour all my boosts into my dinosaurs that aren’t going to stay on my endgame team like I did before. I actually have to think about who I want to boost and who I don’t want to boost, I can’t just boost all my team like before, this new version forces me to have some self-control now and I feel like I needed that.

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Thorn! I was trying to remember who called it that :joy:

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Another thing that came out with the new update which I think is OP is the 75% dodging system.

75% chances was for a stun. You could only use it once, or depending on what dinosaur twice in a row.

And those were usually for slow creatures

But now the fast ones like the indoraptor can use the cloak and perform a 75% dodge 3 times in a row

They could have kept that at 66%

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Honestly, I care not about how the boosts work. I just feel scammed because I spent a lot of cash on boosts, and it was wasted.


I think it’s to force us to use the dino with a precise/nullify skills

The thing that hurts the most is the cost of boost points to lvl up


Yes, loving the new system. It has balanced out the Arena a lot more and battles are enjoyable again.


I was taken aback from having my team dealing less damage than before, but its starting to grow on me and aint bothered about it anymore

I dislike how disproportionate the update rolled back the boosts. I agree that it may take some adjustment and getting used to but feel that if the amount of boosts provided/rolled should have been more plentiful.

Huge fan of it; no more stupidly boosted creatures. I think those who played extensively before boosts are more likely to vote Yes than those who started after their introduction.


The first day is always chaos. Everyone needs to wait it out.


@Piere87 Smart lady :+1:


Not going to vote in this, I’m afraid. I prefer this new system, but I really want boosts scrapped completely. So its a yes and no.