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Are you in trouble? Collect more DNA to strengthen your team!


Indeed I am in trouble! But why don’t you give me the opportunity to make my team stronger? There is literally only 1 Dino that keeps spawning in my area, my lovely 200.000 DNA Einiosaurus. Unless there is a special event of course! He seems to be pretty weak and useless compared to the Dinos others are using in arena. I highly doubt that millions of years ago only one type of Dino lived in Mid-europe.
And by the way, you don’t have to send this to one of the developers, like the other 5000 times before and actually not doing it.
Thanks for letting me enjoy your great spawn algorithm :slight_smile:


Totally. Even scents are a waste


Smh, einosaurus is a pain for me to…

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I constantly get Einiosaurus.

Sometimes when I just want to open a common scent at home whether it be a 5 minute or 20 minute one, pretty much all I get is Einiosaurus. I’m sick of them.


local 2 here at night time it is awful :smiley: einio is everywhere. Send me some suchomimus at least suchotator is good for strike towers and arena as well

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Looks as if were all in the same local…

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Night time is aweful…
Whatever is your local zone:
Zone 1-> 80%majungasaurus
zone 2->80% einiasaurus
zone 3-> 80% diplocaulus
zone 4-> 80% suchomimus
I personnaly live in zone 4,but with 100k suchomimus,even if he is good,im bored aswell…
I don’t know…maybe put more common creature into the game?
Make them more useful?
Make more park zone??
I have no clue for that…


Sounds like you may want to travel to a different area occasionally. Are you familiar with locals and how they work (honest question).


I am, but in my village there is only zone 2 and 4. But my main problem is, that there are so many more common dinos in the game, which almost never spawn anywhere near. In my opinion, those zones should be removed and dinos should spawn completely random. I don’t even need to see raress or epics, just some more diversity.

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Hey at least u aren’t stuck in a local owned by only suchomimus… The main road by my house is literally known as “suchomimus street” to other players around here… Ur lucky if u see anything other than sucho here… At least in eino local u get draco g2 as well don’t u?

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true but we local2 people still need triceratops gen 2 (and need so much dna of it) :smiley:


“I walk this empty street
On the boulevard of suchomimus dreams”

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The idea of locals is great. But current common dino distribution is way too weird. Parks have tons of different spawns with small amount of spawn points. It would be great if devs made 2 all-time commons for each zone instead of one. Just take them from parks!