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Are you joking Ludia?


Geminititan requires diplodocus DNA and Diplo DNA which is a touranament reward we even struggling to get skoolasaurus that that’s a common at lvl 15 and you need 500 per fuse
Geminititan requires diplodocus at lvl 20,and 500 DNA per fuse even if you got the first place on the touranament it’s still too difficult to make
at least i hope you can got it in the incubator this week

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Diplodocus will be 200 DNA per fuse for the unique. Not 500

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This guy: Are you joking Ludia?



Don’t think they’ll ever take someone seriously that doesn’t know the fusion mechanics…

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Did I stutter!?


You feel like knowing the fusion mechanics will help in this regard? Aww, how quaint.


No it wouldn’t lol but the fact that he doesn’t even know them just makes the whole thing seem pointless to take seriously


Even if it takes 200 per fuse it’s still too difficult to make


As far as your point tho. From base level diplodocus you need 5600 DNA to create geminititan (assuming a 20 fuse average), which is higher than first place received for the tourney reward. So are correct about that


That being said, I think we all hope diplodocus will be easier to obtain. I have a feeling it will be one of the new daily migration dinos. Idk why, but I do


I agree they will put it in a strike Tower incubator or something


in the best of cases in the wild


It’s in the strike towers towers this week lol

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Been playing since launch and ranked top 250 in whatever tournament Diplodocus was featured in…and this is all I’ve got:

I’m not terribly torn up about it since I feel there are far better hybrids that require less effort/time/$$

(Credit: JWA field guide)


don’t worry ya’ll… the limitless $70 incubators are coming just like they did with darwin.
it’ll only cost like $40,000 to get this virtual dinosaur


Finished top 50 in the tournament and only had enough to get mine to level 19

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From what I recall, these were the only 2 opportunities to get diplo dna:

Soo… maybe 3-4 people will be able to make it??

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Actually only one lol. Remember Joy took one of the top places in that tourney. I think Mark will be the only one able to create. I placed 4th that tourney and still don’t have enough. Even darted it when it was available


Same time with Orano!
Who thought of this sauropod then?!



I haven’t finished top 500 in a tournament so not quite sure how mine is L15 with 637/300 (I have slightly less Brachio than I do Diplo); I can only assume it will be a new wild spawn in 1.7 (although they will probably make it park bound or something equally annoying - is it too much to hope park spawns are a thing of the past with the new migrations?).