Are you kidding me?

My wife has 1300 trophy’s, she lost 2 battles So were thinking you will encounter a easy one.

She encountered this team

Did you report the account?


Yeah Dont know if it helps

But hé had 697 trophy’s…

Yucky and ouch! Feels bad for little Sino.

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How do they have Utahrinex with a level 16 Utahsino?

And Utahsino with a level 14 SINO

This is impossible … good thing you reported the account.

Not impossible, there have been chances to dart various uniques in the wild, including utarinex - so yiu see people with uniques but who lack the building blocks ar sufficient level


The amount of Dna they need to create it is huge. Besides, player level should be higher due to the amount of fuses you’d have to do to get these…?:thinking:

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I was thinking the same thing.

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What an absolute joke !
And I thought I had it bad in the lower aviary at level 20 battling level 30 boosted uniques . I feel a bit better about that now .
But seriously , if this isn’t a cheater then I don’t know what is .

People forget we have had multiple events that allowed darting indo, and the other uniques were available to dart during the St Patrick’s event. Now… whether they could have darted that much dna in the limited encounters at their player level is a totally different thing.

all of those are possible and none were leveled up. looks like fresh unlocks for all except sino.

I mean the Saint Patrick’s Day event allowed a bunch of little to get these

A perfect score at level 8 without vip would be around 90 DNA, so you need 3 attempts per dino to unlock if you manage to do that.
Also to even get that, he has to not have leveled up in months…


You can explain tryko, dio, erli through st pattys day… but thats a 750 dna on 5 attempts for a level 8 or lower.

Indo, utasino, and pyri all had a few events so not really to surprising.

I take more issue with the rinex, didnt we get only 1 attempt on it.

The level 14 sino is laughable since its most likely only 14 due to keeping his team level lower.

That’s messed up. Really.

Exactly how many attempts at uniques were there on St Patrick’s day ? Is it really possible to go from nil to 250 on three dinos on that day ?
And as for Utarinex … there’s only been one attempt possible on that .
If this player at level 8 has all these uniques and legendaries without cheating , then why isn’t everyone at level 8 battling with the same Dinos ?

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It’s absolute nonsense that a player level 8 or lower could have darted these uniques during an event! After all the maximum amount of dna at such a low level per dart is way less than for higher levelled players. Took this from Metahub and look at the small amounts you get for epics, let alone if they were to dart uniques. It’s impossible. 1, maybe 2 but that’s it and it would still have to be a king in darting.

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Im level 11 and got 40 per darting round. 40 x 5 = 200.
Unique is 250 DNA.
Level 8, is guess are 20 or 30 per darting round. St party’s day and other things aren’t enough. Good spot!