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Are you looking for a 10/9 Alliance that strives to keep the game fun?

We achieve great results through commitment and have minimal rules.

Being one of the originals we have adapted to many changes and many of our members have been with us since the beginning. Laker Dinos on the Ark (not affiliated with the ARK network, no disrespect intended) has 49 great players and we are looking for one more.

We can offer a running level 20 sanctuary 5/7 days per week thanks to 7 partnered alliances, tourney participation by all but one member (currently ranked 107) and a no pressure atmosphere when it comes to PvP battles.

The only rule we have is sanctuary related (will further explain) and our minimal expectations include donating fairly, requesting twice a day to help those that need coins and maintain a positive team player attitude.

Please DM me directly by clicking my name or message @Nes if I don’t reply back within an hour.
Please do not send in an game request to join without messaging.

Hoping to find a player with 2k plus, but may make an exception if they are active daily and close to that trophy count.

Thanks ahead of time for considering us!


Lake Dinos on the Ark


I joined This Fantastic Alliance a few weeks ago and it’s been a match made in Heaven ever since! I Highly recommend This Alliance. Everyone treats you like Family Here and are SUPER friendly!!!


This alliance (one of our co-op partner alliances) achieves top results because everyone wants to contribute… not because they’re forced to by unreasonable activity rules or requirements.

Julie is an excellent leader and always fair.

I highly recommend Laker Dinos on the Ark if you’re looking for a great alliance.


We might have two openings, will find out within 12 hours. Keeping things fair among members is one of my primary goals :slightly_smiling_face:


This monday we reset and will start another great week under great leadership. Come join us and help contribute to meet our common goals and enjoy the rewards, while having fun along the way! Don’t forget the level 20 sanctuary, a top 120 ranking and a lot of filled requests.

As Kodiakhunter said, send her or me a message directly and we’ll hopefully be able to welcome you soon.



We will have one opening after reset. Please message me or @Nes directly instead of messaging here. Thanks ahead of time!

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