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Are you looking for an awesome new home

  1. Level 20 sanctuary
    We have 3 L20 sanctuary
  2. Maximum weekly awards
    We are a 10-10 alliance
  3. Maximum championship awards
    We crossed 500,000 points in the just concluded tourney
  4. Guidance and DNA donations
    We have a great team with players who helps and guides each other
  5. Raids
    We keep track and try to help all the team mates to complete raids that includes 10+ MortemRex wins

If you love battling in the arena and tournaments and are OK with some sanctuary rules, message me and we can talk. Discord use is mandatory as we would like to communicate regularly and grow together as a team.

Message me if you wish to make a positive change in the your gaming experience
Send me a message on discord
Raptor Hunters

I want to join, but I have 5000-5100 trophies and I don’t use discord :slightly_frowning_face:would there be any other way to join?

Unfortunately no… without discord it is almost impossible to share detailed plans, cash links and discuss and communicate strategy.

I sent you a discord message i would love to join your allaince and I am a daily player just need a new home