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Are you looking for an established 5/4 Alliance?

We are aware that several alliances are struggling, due to current issues. We know the pain, and are looking for some daily active players who love to communicate.
We have an actIve Discord, it isn’t optional because it’s so useful. We have a newbie corner for a quick understanding of rules.
We work collaboratively towards goals, and are looking mainly for more battlers. Exploration is not too difficult, even with a bunch of inactivity. However, more darts mean faster sharing of the best DNA. Many of us are day 1 players, so we have a lot of DNA, experience, and hilarious conversations.

We are ready for a purge. Are you ready to join us?
Please drop me a PM, and your Discord details.
Come join us, see how we work, and then Jurassic Puffin can make the spaces for you in the alliance.

Any questions- fire away! The main focus is to have fun in a friendly environment.

There are no spaces being made until they can be filled, so if anyone else is interested - please ask.