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Are you prepare for Hadros lux boss?

My country now is Monday and tomorrow is Tuesday ( 6 October 2020 ) am just asking because i want to see a guide for future ( maybe 80 year later ) i can fight it

I am prepared and I will win later today around 1:22pmET when my contact gets it before anyone else. I have been internalizing this victory for some time now.


Have a good luck

I have something arranged, but we’ll have to see what happens. Ludia deviated from the datamine last time, they could totally do it again. But if they don’t and everything goes as planned, you can expect a guide on how to do it with low-level creatures like there was with Mortem Rex last time.


If everything goes to plan and its stats aren’t changed, I’ll get a level 1 Lythronax to beat Hadros Lux, lol.


I like your challenge

reddit2 has a rough V1.0 to try.
Tryo, Tuo, Thor, and Gem.
I’m going to grind Incs today because I have a bad feeling I’ll get no arena time Tuesday and little on Wednesday.

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Why only 10…



Because I think Ludia a) wants hadros hard to make than mortem or more likely b) made it work like the old Mortem rewards

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Hey Trache_eo, could you reach out to our support team at with your support key included in the email? If you could attach those screenshots in the email as well, it’d be really helpful.



Sure Ned, the four of us got 10, I will after my working day.

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Hey Trache_eo, how were youre used dinos boosted?

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We just beat Hadros Lux Boss and I only received 10 DNA. Wasn’t this supposed to fixed so the minimum Apex DNA would be 15?


It literally just changed lol


I’d love to have a go at Hadros Lux but don’t have him available. I’d love an invite to a boss raid, I can bring the following:

Tryostronix level 29 (4861/1953/155)
Diorajasaur level 27 (6378/1575/108)
Tuoramoloch level 28 (6449/2315/126)

My logon is Welshrower #8700 for friend requests.

Not the tryo, Thor was 27xx attack, Dio was fully boost health/attack and tuara was 2000 attack.

But you can win without that much boost.

Thor is the most important to boost I’ll say.

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It seem they changed it a little, but it’s to our advantage… The counter does a little bit less damage. But it’s also using Greater emergency heal, instead of just emergency heal. Still, overall, a little bit better for us


Can someone send all round move?

seeing the move order from those who have beaten it/ faced it through multiple rounds is very helpful. now move order is known and strats can be planned.

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