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Are you prepared for cold winter?

It may seem like I am but truth is, I am not. I have two pairs of touch screen gloves one upon the other and in both pairs their thumb part is ripped so that I can dart dinos and get at least decent amount of dna. Still they wont work when cold winter comes. Heck they arent even working now. Sure I could use only one touch screen glove now but my hand would freeze and this game isnt meant to be played with gloves cause darting isnt that easy compared to lets say throwing pokeballs in pokemon go.
Then as you can see, there is lots of touch screen pencils which worked great in pokemon go but really not that great in jwa.
All I’m saying is that it’s gonna be ruthless winter for us jwa players.


Didnt want to include this in first post but I have no idea how to stay competitive when there is -20 celsius and less event supply drops than in at release of 1.4 update. No way I am going to go catch 48 raptors in 2 days or 18 irritators in 3 days or whatever.

I ordered some touchscreen gloves on Saturday, i’m hoping to get them this week.

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Not in texas.

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You are lucky.

It’s 81° farenheit right now.


Hope they work for you. I have tried couple different touch screen gloves but they have been quite cheap and havent worked that well.

Fair play, you’ve got alot of pocket rockets there

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Little too warm for my taste but I’d still rather play there. Here is now -8 celsius which seems to be 17.60 fahrenheit.

Havent heard that phrase before but if you mean my touch screen pencils then yes. I ordered something like 400 and gave them away for every pokemon trainer I met who was in need during winter time :smile:

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Haha, I see :joy:

What am I witnessing :joy::joy::joy:


Apparently miss forrester is interested about my hum diddy dum :see_no_evil: :joy:

Not yours love…

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This is why I love Texas. 85 today where I am.

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Shame :joy:

But anyways, am I alone with this fear that winter time is going to kill motivation for this game or does everyone here live some place warm?

No I absolutely do not live somewhere warm :rofl:

that profile pic, talking about pocket rockets, but all like



At which point does Scotland become Hoth? :smiley: