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“Are You Ready To RAID?”

After a while of hard work this week, I’m finally able to create a poster of the Jurassic world alive bosses and could be a possible t-shirt design. This took me around 6 to 8 hours to make, enjoy!


Nice pic, you have talent (love it). What will you do when the raid bosses change next month . Sorry for the bad english. Nu the way lord lyonthronnax isn’t a raid boss at the moment.


Summons the goat in the background But not gonna lie I’m glad most people are good at art unlike me :cry:


Lord lythornax technically is a boss as it’s one in the campaign mode

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This is a cool picture! I like how Mortimer looks even more like Godzilla!

By the way, that’s not snarky criticism. I like Godzilla.


WOW! Thanks for drawing my bros! Lol

Hmmm… I seen you somewhere

Needs more highlight for mortem, he is kinda merging with the sino. And maybe make his size a bit bigger, he is THE raid boss right :wink:
The colors are nice!

Oh, I’ve been around. I think I’ve only used this name in one other place though.

You forgot the GOAT!

It’s fantastic!!! but… do you hate goats? D=

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I like your username :grin::t_rex:
Lord Lythronax won’t stand a chance against Lord Deinonychus

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