Are you seeing any weekly rares?

Terrible distribution of event drops this week - the majority that I can find are in parks

Where are all the green drops @Ned?

Hey Somedinoguy, if you do not see any Event Supply Drops in your area, could you take a screenshot of your in-game map and send it to our team at Please also include your support key and your location information in the email as well. Thanks!

Obviously A lot of people have this issue… Should we all write to support again?

As I wrote in another thread:

They moved 80% of drops and spawns to highways. Most are proximity spawns. So basically just get yourself a driver and play. It’s officially D2P now.

Hey avaris, it would be helpful for our team as they continue to optimize the map.

We talking about event drops?

If so, there’s one in the far distance on a road. Quite possibly the worst weekly event I’ve ever seen for this game in all honesty, really disappointing for the Halloween event.


Will do @ lunch @Ned; just seems like many others are having the same issue. Currently, of the ~40 drops I can see, only 1 is green.


None whatsoever on my half an hour bus ride home from work, nor anywhere else I go


I have quite a few supply drops around me, but only two are green ones, and they’re far away enough that it’d be ridiculous to walk all the way there for just a chance at darting two dinos. There’s so many regular ones in between those two green ones that could have been event drops.

Don’t see any green supply drops in my area.


None in my area

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Here are all 4 directions just so others can confirm that they’re seeing the same thing:


Yes but not many. Could do with a few more spawns.

As of an hour ago there were green stops everywhere in my town. I just finished a 20 minute drive and found none.

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I can see 56 supply drops from my house. There is ONE green drop and it’s a common one.

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Green drops disappeared on the map and someone can see the scent strike? there was on calendar for today

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I’m missing on the scent strike as well

No scent strike and no green supply drops anywhere for me.


Green supplies are gone in my area. I haven’t seen a single one n all day. Gone