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"Are you sure?" Pop up before spending runes to prevent accidental purchases

Hey guys, after browsing the forum and hearing personal accounts from a couple of clan members, I figured it would be worth making a suggestion for having a pop up before spending runes on the game. On a few occasions, I’ve personally spent 1000 runes on the basic draft, the 100 to continue battles, speed up eggs, speed up breeding, etc, all by accident. For the 100 battle continuation, a weird bug appeared and the pop up appeared strangely after I left the battle, so I spent 100 runes with nothing to show for it.

It sucks to lose runes accidentally, but I don’t feel salty about it. After all, I’m responsible for my own mistakes. Just thought I’d throw this out there to keep similar situations from happening in the near future and to make it easier to mitigate rune spending. I hope Ludia will take this into consideration! Thanks in advance to anyone who took the time to read.


Apologies for bumping a slightly older thread but I just wanted to add my two cents about this as I totally agree with DarkDragon that some kind of confirmation about spending runes is definitely needed, at least on some of the larger rune purchases. I think there is now something in place for smaller things like speeding up breeding times, etc (last time I checked anyway) but I just went to get my free draft and BAM… accidentally 1000 runes down… :cry: admittedly this was my own fault but nevertheless frustrating when it could have been avoided with one additional confirmation

If Ludia is able to add some kind of pop-up to the drafts as well in the near future it would be MUCH appreciated :slight_smile: