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Are you sure Tenrex has 67% Stun Resistance Ludia?

Because 9 times out of 10, when a Thor, Grypo, or Rinex IC or Mobilize me, it stuns my Tenrex.

Shouldn’t it only be a 8% chance of actually stunning? Why the heck is it happening so much!?

It is much less than 67%. You need to get your numbers straight Ludia.


I never stunned a Tenrex until today so i am pretty sure it has a high resistance.


You’re lucky then, mine almost always gets stunned.

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No i mean that i can not stun other Tenrex. I don’t have one myself

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…ok? ಠ_ಠ

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Actually it should be a 24.75% chance of actually stunning (0.75 x 0.33) so basically it flips the stun chance in Tenrex’s favour. As for whether the displayed value is accurate, I can’t prove anything but 66.7% seems about right to me.

Ive always had terrible rng, so it probably is just that. But mine gets stunned so much.