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Are you sure you know all JWTG dinosaurs?

Hi guys, i wanted to share something i found very interesting in last days. It is a quiz that tells you to list all dinosaurs in our Game. Please note that most recent dinosaurs aren’t allowed; most recent i found were Liosichtodon, I-rex gen 2, Zalmonodon and so on.
Here the link it is on Sporcle:

Hope you liked it, Therizino
Note that i didn’t create the quiz just wanted to share you it


71% score. 167 out of 235 … :rofl:

Thr comment is the best part. I made 100% with like 3 mons remaining


Is there one for Park Builder or Alive?

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Apparently I can’t spell half the Dinos I know, sad

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Try to search on Sporcle

I couldn’t write​:sob::sob::sob::sob:

not so bad…

I could do 100%. Once you make it there is no fun in doing it.