Are you tired of these stupid epic tourneys?[POLL]

Seriously answer the question in the title. Are you tired and want different tourneys without rixis and rhino spam?

  • I’m fine with these tourneys
  • We should never have epic tourneys again
  • They should reduce the amount(state below)
  • We need more!!!

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I mean they have to listen right? We’re their player base, without us they quite frankly… are nothing

Just stop having them till they sort out the balancing. It’s a mess right now, and has been for a very long time.


Epic is probably the most unbalanced rarity. Just screw that mess

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add rare tourneys and common tourneys then

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Most of the alli members just doing 10 kills and goodbye. Without alli rewads almost nobody would play.
Wasting of time unless they run HC tournaments with uniques instead of boring common/rare/epic junk.


I just want to have an all common tournament!!! I haven’t seen one in forever!!!


Reduce it to once a month, or maybe once every other month


I’m okay with epic tourney as it can be fun. Its more the limits. Such as epic hybrid only. Aka rixis tourneys. Now if they did common, rare, epic with hybrid and non hybrid it would be better for more options. Or all rare non hybrid. Last rare non hybrid they did…they included hybrids lol.

You can only have so many tournaments because there are only so many rarities. What else would they do?

They could do commons lol. Or not limit it to one rarity. Having common, rare, and epic, or even up to legends all rarity.

They could maybe do something outside of the norm such as. Common-unique only cunning. Or common-unique only fierce. Repeating epic then epic hybrid is boring. And epic hybrid we all know is the rixis tourney.


not legends
i cant survive max phorusauras with only one legendary trago

Epic tournaments wouldn’t be so bad if the balancing didn’t vary so wildly among the class.

Everyone always ends up running the same copy-paste team because the top tier 4-5 non-hybrid epics completely invalidate the rest of their rarity roster. Which turns it into a snore fest of “oh I wonder when they’ll drop in their rhino bomb.”

Epic hybrid tournaments could be fun, especially since we’ve gotten a few new hybrids lately, if they brought the rest of them up to rixis and thyla’s level. Several of the epic hybrids badly need buffs and would make it a more interesting playing field.

But yeah, they’ve been played to death lately. Give me a common tournament. Or something weird like a common-unique tournament. Tired of the same old thing on loop. Maybe come up with some new rules like “All rarity, must have a distraction move.”


That an amazing idea, they could also ban certain creatures like say fierce are banned or like only Thor is banned

I really like the idea of them having “rules” tournament like in jwtg


We could have a Legendary tournament with all of the worst Legendaries. That would be interesting.


Meh, as long a meme teams could do somewhat well, I’m fine. Sadly that only happened last tourney

Well each class may have its clutch dino. Pro was the epic hybrid one. It still is pretty good in the right situations. I still hate that thing.

@Sixty-Four the idea of cunning, fierce, resilient is a neat idea. Difference combos of those or something.

Maybe common should always be included in the tournaments. It would be nice to have only a common tournament.

I made this list before. I asked on the forum and got little to no help lol. These are the possibilities I came up with at the time.

Common & Rare (All)
Common & Rare (No Hybrids)
Common, Rare, & Epic (All)
Common, Rare, & Epic (No Hybrids)
Common, Rare, & Legendary (All)
Common & Epic (All)
Common & Epic (No Hybrids)

Rare (All)
Rare (No Hybrids)
Rare (Only Hybrids)
Rare & Epic (All)
Rare & Epic (No Hybrids)
Rare & Epic (Only Hybrids)
Rare, Epic, & Legendary (All)
Rare, Epic, & Legendary (Only Hybrids)
Rare & Legendary (All)
Rare, Epic, Legendary, & Unique (All)
Rare, Epic, Legendary, & Unique (Only Hybrids)

Epic (All)
Epic (No Hybrids)
Epic (Only Hybrids)
Epic & Legendary (All)
Epic & Legendary (Only Hybrids)
Epic, Legendary, & Unique (All)
Epic, Legendary, & Unique (Only Hybrids)

Legendary & Unique



I hope someone who works at Ludia sees this. There could be so much variety in the tournaments. And if you take skill and advantage tournaments into account there would be twice as many possibilities.

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what if there was a common&unique tournament

I’d like to see more themes that aren’t based on rarity.