Are you tired of these stupid epic tourneys?[POLL]

Anyone remember when it was just green chicken tournaments. Those were the days :rofl:

Would like something that isn’t epic though


Oh no they weren’t lol, don’t remind me of proRat tourneys lol. However at that time they mostly let us use non hybrid epics on top of it. Till they started going only hybrid. Only epic hybrids makes the cases worse. From killing a dino without receiving dmg to slowing removing cloaks.

If rixi is ridiculously boosted can easily 3-0 even some of the more solid teams.

I like the fact that epic tournaments let you play with some creatures that you wouldn’t use in the normal high level arenas, but does EVERY tournament need to be an epic tournament??? Can’t we have some legendary, unique, even common tournaments every so often?


What kind of tournament is that? Tell the truth, who would want to use Commons over Uniques?

I’ll be honest, I’d experiment for a while, but I would eventually (probs sooner than later) switch to an all Unique team.

I wish they would have a Unique tournament as a final one for each Championship. It’s fun to experiment with whatever new Uniques you might’ve unlocked.

i only have 1 legendary and 0 uniques
its unfair to lower lvl players

So we should cater alliance championships, a grind for a unique, to low level players? The system by design is meant to cater to the higher ones, from entry bonuses to inc scaling. Player in places like Mr. Sibo or Badlands shouldn’t have a unique they did little work for

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I like when they give options for all players, like legendary and rare tournaments. Of course players with legendaries will do better, but all players can at least field a team of some kind.

Epic tournaments are fine. I like them. Maybe reduce the number of them. I do agree that we should have more rare and common tournaments because its unfair when people do legendary and epic tournaments but lower players can’t do anything against all the good legendarys. Same goes with uniques. I know how that felt when I was lower level.

All the more reason to grind for the goods. I’m not saying NEVER have a common or an epic tourney, but don’t make hesitate to add legendary and unique to the mix

I mean these RELU tournaments are pretty one sided but I can still get 1k trophies with a epic legendary team. I would like some variety, sure common and legendary tournaments seem one sided but at this point a level 10 player in a good alliance can unlock a unique… They should atleast have to work for it right?

So everybody should just kick all their lower level players out and take higher level players so they can reach better rewards? How is that good? All tournaments should be open for all players, the rewards already scale according to player level.

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Championship rewards scale to player level, no way level 10 player is getting any uniques even if the alliance would reach tier10 reward.

Yes please, i wanna see noodle, gigas tragod deus or spinotah in Legendary tournament

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Uh yeah, it gives 280. That’s unlocked right?

And it’s not like it’s impossible to beat uniques with a epic team, that what I’ve been running in the RELU tourneys and I still made the top 1k

While theoretically yes to would get more out of it, you don’t need to to be successful. But tailoring championships to players who are months from their first unique? Big no

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It’s not the epic tournaments, but the tournaments in general. They need to have more variety in tournaments. Slapping common onto an epic doesn’t change anything. We need a better variety, like boost tournaments (where everyone gets a set amount of each boost and we can boost a team based of the settings with the boosts being 100%refundable) or themed tournaments, like they have to have either a swap-in move or a bleeding move in these certain rarities


i dont care about the unique
i just want sonorasaurus
if its an only-unique tourney, or even some-unique tourney, I will have to wait months for my favorite dinosaur to be part of my roster

Well when people don’t have uniques it makes it unfair which is y im saying don’t have them more but less

So we shouldn’t have certain tourneys because some players can’t participate? I’m not saying never have a common tourney or an epic tourney, but I don’t agree with not having tourneys on the sense some players can’t participate. That’s like saying Apex raids shouldn’t exist as a lower level player can’t do them


They’re meant to be unfair though. Whether they’re fair to you or not depends on how much time you put into the game.
In order to reward playing the game you have to be unfair to those who have played less.