Are you watching the cheaters?


Would love to know how I beat this guys first dino then insta-lose 3-0?

Must be some hack you have guy… enjoy life!


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Just found a hacker who was stupid enough to post a very incriminating screenshot. Things to notice here:

1 the player’s level. I’m level 8, and still haven’t gotten this far, much less levelled my Epic Rex to 15… This one’s still level 9, but is in the last arena? Cheater. What makes this even funnier is the thread he started, to complain about getting beatdowns from the level 30 Ludia bots…

  1. The orange icon on the left side of the screen. It’s more visible in close up, so I enlarged this part of the photo - and there’s the mark of hackware…

This idiot goes by the name EwXt_117 here, and probably in-game as well. He’s already been reported to Ludia staff, but I thought you guys should have evidence that they are here, and we should report them on sight.


I got to the marshes on level 9 and had a level 15 Rex. That’s what got me there. She’s useless now but yeah. Never spoofed, although this person obviously does. Being a 9 in the marshes is no indication of cheating though, just good strategizing in battles.


Obviously they’re not too good at strategy if they just started a thread, complaining about getting regular beatdowns from the Ludia bots…


Have you fought a level 30 team yet? Not if you haven’t hit the marshes. Calm down.


My point is that people like this have no place here, or in-game.


That was half of your point


Regardless, he’s already been reported to Ludia, with the self-incriminating screenshot he posted as proof. I’m also running a “Name and Shame” campaign to add further humiliation on him. He doesn’t deserve pity, or any sort of lenience. Cheating is cheating.


Sounds like a terrific use of your time. Everyone loves a snitch.


Dude you haven’t even hit Arena 7. Anyone cheating has literally no affect on you whatsoever.


So why are you investing so much time in covering for them? Hmmm? No smoke without fire… You running some kind of damage control, telling people to look the other way? Is that it?. Now you go and use the “snitch” play on me to make me look like I’m the bad guy here?

Seriously. I dunno how much you get paid to protect these JV lowlifes, but it’s pretty obvious that you are here to troll anyone who posts proof of hacking or spoofing, and discredit them. You’re just as bad as the hackers and spoofers, yourself.


Seriously dude. Quit defending them. You just make yourself look as guilty as them when you troll on their behalf.


I’m not defending them. I just think it’s hilarious when people get weird. You’re getting super weird right now. Mounting a “name and shame” campaign on someone who has zero impact on your life is a super interesting human idiosyncrasy. I’m just poking around a bit to see where you’re coming from.


Like using the word “guilty” in this situation. It’s super interesting to me.


See, this is why I started. You’re getting super interesting. That little flair of racism that came out was a very human thing and I just like seeing who people are.


Honestly you shouldn’t feel threatened. I’m just asking you questions.


You can ask all you want, but I don’t have to answer any of them.


You’re a super riled-up white knight, you’ll respond.


Shoot me a link to the prison movie where they say “huge cholo”. I’ll read through the script and give you a pass.