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Area 1 or Deino Nest


I found a place that I thought was local area 1. When I go there there is usually 2 - 4 deino’s. I run the large common scents there and can usually get around 30 of them over a couple of hours. The area is also flooded with majunga and also has some dimetrodon, and megalo. But I have never scene a kentro, dilopho or sino there and I really need them.

Could this just be a deino nest? On one side is a small airport and on the other side is a health care facility and funeral home. Would it be worth it to run epic scents here?


the dime and majunga tell me that it is indeed an L1. see what happens when you run a rare scent.

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Sounds like a local 1… kentro is the rarest local 1 spawn… not all local 1s are created equal… my home l1 hasnt spawned a dilo since 1.5 hit. My work l1 had 2 of them on the screen at one time and this is a daily occurrence. Same with sino some l1 just dont spawn it as often as others…

Finding the right local is only part of the equation you also need to find the right local that spawns what your looking for.


I just returned from there. Actually got a postimetrodon today too. It was there when I got there. Ran my usual common scents. Got lots of deino again which is nice. Still none of the other ones I am looking for. Maybe I’ll have to trade deino dna for it. I guess I’ll have to try a rare or epic scent here next time a get one.


my L1 is good for dilo but in a certain half of it. its never been great for sino or kentro but lately kentro have appeared. dimes appear only on another half of it. lots of deino everywhere though.


Definitely local 1. Is it a very small area, or what?


I have yet to get a kentro in my home l1 since i statyed back in july… i see one a week in my work l1.

My home l1 spawns a ton of megla… while the work one spawns a ton of dilo… both are steaky with sino… my go a week without seeing one then see like 3-4 over a day or two. Scents seem to attract way more sino then kentro though.


yeah thats weird how streaky they can be. i have only one that i go to but its by far the biggest zone ive seen. it stretches for a couple miles. all in all i have never seen more then 10 each of sino or kentro since ive started hunting in it but lots of concave. i personally live in a healthy L4.


The majunga’s and deino are in a small area. Does that mean that is the size of the local? I drove through another area 1 yesterday and got a kentro. First time I drove through there. The problem with that area though is I would have to have someone catch and it’s harder to stop there but the deino’s were really spread out so I am assuming it was a bigger local 1.

The area I currently play at I can park and hit 2 drops at a time to refill darks and kids can watch the plans take off and land.

Do you guys have luck running epic scents in area 1?