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Area - Exclusive Dinosaur and Incubator Dinosaurs?


I am wondering what the “Exclusive Dinosaur” and “Incubator Dinosaurs” means in the Arena. I have already read that incubators can include dinosaurs from the previous arena, not just the current one.
Specifically here are my questions:

  1. Are the incubator dinosaurs only found in the arena incubators? Or are they also found in the level incubator?
  2. What does exclusive dinosaur mean? Maybe that you can’t get it anywhere but in the arena incubator? It won’t be on the map?
  3. Will exclusive dinosaurs from previous levels also show up or just the current one?
  4. Does leveling up in the arena change what dinosaurs I will see on the map?
  5. Bonus question: does leveling up (based on DNA) change what dinosaurs I will see on the map? Or what I’ll get in incubators?

Thanks guys!

  1. The incubator dinosaurs are the dinosaurs you have a chance at getting in arena won incubators.they might be able to be found in the incubators in the shop but it depends what incubator you bought.
  2. It means that to get the dinosaur you have to get enough incubators that contain said dinosaur untill you can create it, unless you get a few from the daily dino events, so you will not find it in the wild.
  3. Say you are in arena 2, and you open an incubator, it has a chance of giving you dinosaurs from arena 1 or 2, arena incubator exclusive or not.
  4. No, it will not change how many dinosaurs are on the map.
  5. Leveling up, thru exp. will not change the dinosaurs you see on the map but how much DNA you will get from a direct hit, and leveling up thru exp. will change how much DNA and coin you get from the incubators in the shop, it will not change the amount of DNA from the arena incubators.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion you have about the incubators.