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Do the area types rotate at all? I am stuck in Area 1 and not able to move to far other areas at the moment. I am getting next to useless DNA to fuse for legendaries. Meanwhile I am drowning in Apato, Nando and Manjunga and Allosaurus. I see little in the way of epics (3 in the last two days) , even though I walk multiple kilometres over an hour or more.

While the DNA donation is useful at times, the implementaion is severly broken, with multiple client restarts in order to see the correct donation requests and the alliance chat text suddenly not being sent, requirug yet another restart.The friendly challenge is equally broken, requiring a someone to sit on the My Friends tab to the exclusion of anything else if you are issueing a challenge. Challenges from alliance mates are not received and then the challenge buttn bno loner works. Yep, yet another restart is required.

I wish there was some way to offload DNA that is totally useless to any player in an alliance, such as the Nando with it’s dead end rares or the never ending river of Miragaia which is about as useful as nipples on a mechanical bull

Local spawns change more often

I also think the areas should rotate every once in a while, I’m sick of the Einiosaurus plague…


Id be more than happy to live in area 1. Folks in L1 have the greatest advantage in my opinion, it isnt even fair.

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Where are you getting these allosaurs from… resturants…this weeks event? Because if you dont go past resturants and this isnt just from this week… your most likely entering an l3 at some time in your walks.


I’ve been noticing LOADS of allo in my l4, which hasn’t been the case for months. I’m wondeirng why they’ve upped the spawn rate for it…


Thor event… this week allo… next week tarbo… last week sino


Wasn’t last week Grypo? I never saw one, so if they do it for sino I’m not holding my breath.


For the Grypolyth Event: The common components (Purru G2 & Lythro) were spawning very commonly. As for Gryposuchus, maybe since it is an Epic, they did not boost the spawn that much.

I went to city and was able to see around 5-8 in a single day (lot of driving as passenger). But around my place, encountered only a couple during entire week. Maybe the spawn varies based on population density/famous places with more point of interests.

Guess this might be same case for Sino later!


Epic Gryp wasn’t spawning all over the place because it wasn’t supposed to spawn like crazy. The spawn rates are “increased” but still follow general rule of thumb for frequency based on rarity. Quoted from the description of the event…

The frequency with which these creatures are seen will certainly be impacted by their natural behaviour. E.g. If they are commons, and seen at all times, you will notice their numbers growing significantly. If they are rares, and only move around at night, they will become more visible at all times of the day, but not to the extent of the more common one.

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It keeps on coming up when I fire off the scent capsules. I can see 2 Allos, an Apato, a Megolasaurus, two Manjungasaurus and Dimerodon gen 2 from where I sit. I also see heaps of Deinocheirus, Dilophasaurus and the occasional Megalosaurus and Delta in capsule spawns. I don’t see Spinosaurus, Tris, Postos, diplos etc.

That tells me, according to the spawn lists in Metahub, that I am in Area I with Allo being an interloper.

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HAHAHAHAHA. Are you being serious? What “advantage” does living in Area 1 have? I am stuck here at the moment and have had to rely on alliance mates to get enough DNA for legendaries


The Zones should rotate every 3 months so that we can benefit for a short time.


First of all, please drop the attitude. We’re trying to make this a friendlier forum because it’s getting to the point where it’s almost unbearable for many of us to scroll through here anymore. Second of all…dead serious that L1 is the best, hands down, at least in upper arenas. Local 1 has by far the most ingredients for meta relevant dinos.
You have:
-rare Dilo
-rare Dimetrodron

I’ll gladly trade you being stuck in L3. With any luck Ludia will actually listen to people and do a full zone rotation system with the coming update. Its been suggested for many months and is undoubtedly one of the very top legitimate complaints among players.


Or… Just a thought. Do away with zones… It is aggravating to see the same dinos all day long. And it’s not possible to walk across zones, so driving long distances for darting is not fun and can be expensive over time.


That would be preferable but would it just water down what we see it there?

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Ive thought about that too but getting rid of zones will make it harder to advance your team. At least with zones if you need a specific dino you know where you can go to look for it and have a 4x greater chance of finding it. The zones are good especially when it comes to using scents.


Remove zones but keep nestspawns, so everyone could still farm specific dinos but it would not be always the same dinos you see all day long

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That’s my point too.


I still think there’s a need for zones with how many species are currently available, especially with how awful epic spawn rates are now. I would NEVER be able to find a Kentro or an Anky if they were even more dispersed. Getting rid of zones would make scents a lot less useful.

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I live in L1. Since playing, I’ve seen 4 wild sinoceratops. FOUR since August. Majung, mostly with a few other worthless creatures. Don’t go thinking the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

I work in L3, it’s better.

L2 has the Einiosaurs? That’s usually the best hunting grounds for me.

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