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Area rotation

I dont live or work in L1 and I’ve seen far more wild Sinos so if your spawn rates are that attrocious I dont think a rotation will help much reguardless. And if Einios are your main target then yeah L2 is definitely for you. It all depends on what you’re looking for. My point was that once you get into the higher arenas (which mostly everyone is striving for, or already there), then the dinos in L1 are the best overall. All zones have their good dinos, L1 just has the most.

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Majungasuchas has got to be the weakest “bite-back” dino in the game. Majungasaurus and Lythronax are pretty much the same back bitters and I never use them in epic strike events because they die too easy and too quick without dealing out enough damage. The same with concavonator, another back bitter. They just don’t fair well at all in battles.

I live and work in L1 and the only good thing is I get sinoceratops to grow the “Queen”, Utasinoraptor, the only really, really good worthwhile dino you can get from components in this zone.

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What about:
Kentro (tryko)?
Dime / Postimetro (Tryo)?
Dilo + Deino (Dilora)?
Megalo (M.suchus)?

Those are all extremely good dinos that are all utilized at the highest levels. And to say Utahsino is the only good one out of those? How about Thor and Utarhinex??? Two more top tier dinos.

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I guess it all depends on how you roll your own team. Personally, 5/8 of my starters have zone 1 exclusives. Want to trade?

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Hardly what I’m looking for, it’s that I find my L2 to be more diverse than my L1. I at least get some decent creatures out of L2, far more than L1. Going by the charts, L1 seems like Nirvana. In practice, not so much.

Also, I’m talking about Sinos outside of events, not during. Huge difference.

I work in L3 and get the most creatures there, oddly enough.

All the zones are terrible except L5

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I’m in zone 1 and as the menu looks good the kitchen is out of pretty much everything. I do a lot of scents and majun is as common as diplo and there is approx 1/30 chance you see megalo. I’ve only seen 1 posti and dilo makes a rare appearance every once in awhile. Deino and Dime are plentiful enough which i’m thankful for. More common rotations would be appreciated by all :slightly_smiling_face:


Normally the creatures of an area change a bit in each version so you should wait a little longer. The idea of the areas is not bad for different players to fight with different creatures but it has gone too far with it. I think, for example, that it would be good if 70% of the creatures were from their own area and the remaining 30% from other areas or parks. That would make the game more interesting.

By the way, I live in zone 1 and I have not seen any sinoceratops since November. To see dilophosauro I must open aromas and hope to be lucky. In freedom I have seen a dilo since the beginning of the year.

I would like to live in zone 3 (allos, postos, tuajingos, …) but I think the areas are quite well balanced.

As a local 1 resident I can say I will not swap places with any other local. Local 1 has so much good stuff in terms of rares and epics (and IMO only useful common is Deinocheirus). Local 3 is mostly trash, local 2 is also great (where I used to live before) and local 4 is semi-useful.

I’ve been living in local 1 for 1.5 months now and have seen quite a few Sino spawns (maybe 10 or 12), and even 3 Kentro spawns or so (that tells you how rare Kentro is)


A thought would be to have L1-4 scents to purchase. Priced as a rare and to include common/rare with a slight chance of an epic. Would sure save me a ton of fuel.


Gotta get to that zone 5

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I said this in another thread yesterday… ludia needs to go back to their drawing board on spawn mechanics in general… they also need to rebalance zones l3 and l4 specifically… they have a ton of useful commons locked to parks that should be moved out of parks… like dilo gen 2… should go to l3… ect after this they need to look at doing frequent rotations…

All rotations are gonna do is fill your screen with another dino and your gonna look at the spawn lists and wonder why none of this spawns…
Since 1.5 hit my home l1 produces majunga, dieno, megla and some dime and about a sino per week.
I havent seen a dilo since 1.5 hit in my home l1… have to travel to other l1s, and ive never seen a kentro spawn here either.

Point being if you live in a l3 that produces diplo and spino gen 2… and it rotates youll most likely be stuck in something like a l1 that produces majunga and concavenator…current spawn mechanics are quite good at making most locals suck atm.


Spino 2 has taken the place of potentially useful spawns in all zones the last few weeks.

I have never seen Spino II. i got 25 DNA from an incubator once and that is it.

I have seen exactly 2 kento in the two and and a hlaf months I have been in this aerea. The same with Posti. While I have seen enough Deino to go to level 16, I have not seen much and I have only seen enough Ourano to get to level 14 while Dilo is only slightly more common. Megalosuchis is a wish but I have been trying to get my spinotasuchus, getting far too many 10s as I have to get the kapro from my alliance mates, where it is in high demand

I have seen exactly 1 sino since I have been where I am The same with Postimetrodon. I had to travel 80km as a passenger to see five. Kent? I think it has been two or three. Dilo is indeed rare. I have managed to get mine to 11 in two and a half months. Megalosaurus is up to a whole 14. Deino is plentiful, up to 16 but the evolve cost is starting to get painful.

It may be that I am the only one playing where I am but I am not seeing the DNA riches you seem to think I am swimming in.

Embarrassed, 9 hours on a computer working…I meant irr 2, tgif and apologies

Do you live in a rural area? Sounds like your area has poor spawn rates.

I do agree that on paper the L1 zone has the best spawns. But what are with theory when in reality they do not spawn that mutch. I start playing this game somewhere in the beginning of June, and lucky for me i live in an L1 zone. Since the beginning i’ve come across 4 maybe 5 sinoceratops. Never seen a kentrosaurus in the wild. Dilophosaurus is also extinct. The only rares that spawn in my neighbourhoud are delta (60%), argentinosaurus and exceptionally a stray megalosaurus. Believe me that you can not get a real competitive advantage by living in a certain zone. You may be able to unlock something quicker. But to bring them to a useful level you realy need the strike towers en the weekly spawns (green suply drop). And according to me, everyone in each zone has the same number of attemps.

@nightwolf I live and work in L1 and started in June. I started a second account in October. Here are my 2 “Queens” as they are called. I have a harder time keeping up with getting Utahraptors than the Sinoceratops. Of course I get out when the events come with the Sinoceratops. I do get some of the Sino out of scents and there is a gas station 200 meters away so I get an extra chance for a spawn there but that is very seldom.

Take in account that it has taken 7 months to get to level 23 and 3 months to 18.

At this time, there is a nice list of about 18 end game dinosaurs which are the upper echelon of battle dinosaurs that you want to use at the end.
I apologize for spelling mistakes and any other mistakes at this time.
These in no particular order are a front 9 of
Indoraptor, Spinotasuchus, Utarinex, Trykosaurus, Tentorex,. Diloracheirus, Erlidominus, Thoradolosaur, Dracorex Gen 2.
And a back 9 of
Stegodeus, Monomimus, Monostegotops, Diorajasaur, Magnapyritor, Tuormaloch, Tragodistis, and Tryostronix. Arguments can be made for Megalosuchus.

As you climb up the rankings you will see a migration from the back 9 to the front 9 but any of these can be considered solid members to a top 100 team.
Why did I make this list? It is to help break down, what dinosaur ingredients originate the most from the 4 zones that help make the top end game dinosaurs.
Zone 1. Deioncheirus, Megalosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Sinosecratops, Dimetrodon, and Kentrosaurus. It also has Posimetrodon as a hybrid…
Zone2. Has Dracorex generation 2, Gorgosaurus, Dracorex, Tenontosaurus, Ouranosaurus, Pyroraptor, and a hybrid of Stegaceratops.
Zone 3. Has Allosaurus, Postosuchus, Tuojiangosaurus, Monolophosaurus , Erilkosaurus, and a hybrid Spinoraptor.
Zone 4. Has ParaSaurolophus, Spinosaurus, Anklysosaurus, Rajasaurus. The hybrid is Gorgosuchus.

So there is a very strong argument that Zone 1 is the best, followed closely by Zone2 and then Zone 3. As for Zone 4. At least you can build up the Suchotator.